Bills this Week

This page lists bills Parliament is working on during a sitting week. You can access all Victorian bills and laws on the legislation website. To learn more about the legislative process, go to how a law is made.

Parliament is not sitting this week. The next sitting week begins on Tuesday 29 October 2019.

Below are bills Parliament considered during the sitting week of 15 October 2019.


Bills Introduced in the Legislative Assembly

Building Amendment (Cladding Rectification) Bill 2019

Gives additional functions to the Victorian Building Authority in relation to cladding rectification, provides for financial assistance for cladding rectification work, and increases the building permit levy to help fund the cladding rectification program.

Energy Safety Legislation Amendment (Victorian Energy Safety Commission and Other Matters) Bill 2019

Changes Energy Safety Victoria to a three-member Victorian Energy Safety Commission supported by a chief executive officer and a technical advisory committee. It also provides for the licensing of lineworkers and makes other miscellaneous amendments to energy safety legislation.

Justice Legislation Amendment (Criminal Appeals) Bill 2019

Makes a range of amendments to Victoria’s criminal appeals process, including abolishing de novo appeals from certain proceedings, and introducing a right to a second or subsequent appeal against a conviction in certain circumstances.

Justice Legislation Amendment (Serious Offenders and Other Matters) Bill 2019

Makes a range of legislative changes relating to the operation of prisons, parole and the post-sentence supervision scheme.

Melbourne Strategic Assessment (Environment Mitigation Levy) Bill 2019

Imposes a levy to fund measures to mitigate impacts on the environment cause by the development of land in Melbourne’s growth corridors.

State Taxation Acts Further Amendment Bill 2019

Amends Victoria’s taxation and valuation laws, including changes to insurance duty, payments to the ANZAC Day Proceeds Fund, the Victorian racing industry payment, vacant residential land tax and a range of other matters.


Bills Introduced in the Legislative Council

Environment Protection Amendment (Refund on Bottles and Cans) Bill 2019

A Bill which establishes a State-wide container deposit scheme for the recovery, reuse and recycling of empty beverage containers.

Road Safety Amendment (Medicinal Cannabis) Bill 2019

A Bill which provides that prescription medicinal cannabis that does not impair driving is to be treated in the same manner as other prescription drugs.


Passed the Assembly (will now go to Council)

Children's Services Amendment Bill 2019

Consumer Legislation Amendment Bill 2019

Land (Revocation of Reservations) Bill 2019

Police Legislation Amendment (Road Safety Camera Commissioner and Other Matters) Bill 2019


Passed Parliament (will now go to the Governor for royal assent)

Marine and Fisheries Legislation Amendment Bill 2019

Superannuation Legislation Amendment Bill 2019

Health Legislation Amendment and Repeal Bill 2019


Defeated in the Council

Crimes Amendment (Trespass) Bill 2019