Inquiry into Allegations made against the Auditor-General


Final Report

On 7 October 2015 the reporting date for this inquiry was extended from 20 October to 10 November 2015. Once the Report is tabled in the Parliament, an electronic copy will be available for download here.

The final report of the investigation into allegations made against the Auditor-General was tabled in Parliament on 10 November 2015. A copy of the report can be found pdfhere(2.98 MB).


Terms of Reference

The Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council referred to the Committee the following terms of reference on 18 August 2015:

The Public Accounts and Estimates Committee is to inquire into and report to Parliament on allegations made against the Auditor-General, Mr John Doyle, in a formal grievance dated 12 August 2015, by a member of his staff; and whether, in light of any findings that the Committee may make in relation to the allegations, the Parliament should give consideration to the removal of the Auditor-General from office.

The Committee is requested to conduct this inquiry having regard to the need to afford procedural fairness to all parties, and to protect the privacy of individuals.

The Committee is requested to report its findings to the Parliament on or before 20 October 2015.


Further information can be found in the report below which was tabled on 18 August 2015.

pdfReport into Allegations made against the Auditor-General - Terms of Reference326.18 KB