Inquiry into VicRoads' Management of Country Roads

Government Response

The Government is required to respond within six months of the report being tabled. Once the response is received, it will be available for download here.



Terms of Reference

Received from the Legislative Council on 23 November 2016*: 

That pursuant to section 33 of the Parliamentary Committees Act 2003 this house requires the Law Reform, Road and Community Safety Committee to inquire into, consider and report, no later than 30 November 2017 —

  1. the effectiveness of VicRoads in managing country roads; 
  2. the existing funding model and its lack of effectiveness for country Victoria;
  3. the lack of consultation with regional communities and their subsequent lack of input into prioritising which roads are in dire need of repair; and
  4. the option of dismantling VicRoads and creating a specific Country Roads organisation and separate Metropolitan Roads body.

 pdfTerms of Reference - Inquiry into VicRoads' Management of Country Roads(PDF 285.08 KB)


*The reporting date has been extended to 26 July 2018.


Submissions for this inquiry closed on Monday 15 January 2018. For further information, please contact the committee secretariat.

The following submissions have been accepted by the Committee:

  1. pdfGreg Webster (PDF 789.76KB)
  2. pdfChristine Hughes (PDF 787.07KB)
  3. pdfJarrod Chatfield (PDF 787.74KB)
  4. pdfMary Brown (PDF 787.42KB)
  5. pdfLisa Brown (PDF 787.09KB)
  6. pdfFrank Martin (PDF 785.7KB)
  7. pdfJane Clifford (PDF 787.04KB)
  8. pdfBus Association Victoria (PDF 1.37MB)
  9. pdfCarl Robertson (PDF 763.59KB)
  10. pdfVictorian Auditor-General's Office (PDF 1.06MB)
  11. pdfPeter McClurg (PDF 1.07MB)
  12. pdfPerry and Janice Crosswhite (PDF 1015.79KB)
  13. pdfW and S Graham (PDF 1003.79KB)
    pdfW and S Graham - attachment 1 (PDF 641.24KB)
    pdfW and S Graham - attachment 2 (PDF 408.66KB)
  14. pdfJanet Blake (PDF 771.43KB)
  15. pdfDominique Fowler (PDF 766.45KB)
  16. pdfChet Cline (PDF 966.28KB)
  17. pdfShaunie O'Connor (PDF 765.84KB)
  18. Confidential
  19. pdfJohn Brondesma (PDF 792.66KB)
  20. pdfPeter McKenzie (PDF 799.06KB)
  21. pdfRobert Lewis (PDF 765.9KB)
  22. pdfSusan Finnigan (PDF 765.88KB)
  23. pdfBrendan Finnigan (PDF 763.76KB)
  24. pdfRodney Ryan (PDF 765.55KB)
  25. pdfMark Holman (PDF 766.16KB)
  26. pdfWayne Rice (PDF 765.98KB)
  27. pdfRussell Goodear (PDF 765.21KB)
  28. pdfLewis Officer (PDF 765.88KB)
  29. pdfJames Quinn (PDF 951.8KB)
  30. pdfRichard Dahl (PDF 765.93KB)
  31. pdfAmber Keane (PDF 763.19KB)
  32. pdfPaul Priems (PDF 766.33KB)
  33. pdfPaul Hanlon (PDF 770.2KB)
  34. pdfIan Jeffried (PDF 766.88KB)
  35. pdfGreg Anders (PDF 766.32KB)
  36. pdfStuart Ferrier (PDF 7.16MB)
  37. pdfIda Tevelein (PDF 766.55KB)
  38. pdfAllan Thomson (PDF 46.65MB)
  39. pdfPhillip Ruge (PDF 766.67KB)
  40. pdfMoyne Shire Road Focus Group and Macarthur-Myamyn Road Users Group (PDF 80.74MB)
  41. Confidential
  42. pdfKen Hollis (PDF 11.35MB)
  43. pdfMargaret Lang (PDF 5.15MB)
  44. pdfDouglas Gardner (PDF 765.73KB)
  45. pdfPeter Doyle (PDF 766.58KB)
  46. pdfRobyn Hollis (PDF 2.16MB)
  47. pdfTony Cornell (PDF 6.43MB)
  48. pdfColin Fehsler (PDF 766.67KB)
  49. pdfGeorge Campbell (PDF 765.54KB)
  50. pdfHelen Powell (PDF 5.78MB)
  51. pdfJohn Crane (PDF 768.15KB)
  52. pdfLois Roberts (PDF 4.84MB)
  53. pdfTobias Campbell (PDF 979.81KB)
  54. pdfChristopher Huculak (PDF 797.18KB)
  55. pdfDavid Webb (PDF 766.3KB)
  56. pdfGerald Sidebottom (PDF 766.73KB)
  57. pdfAndrew Metcalf (PDF 766.04KB)
  58. pdfLesley Fisher (PDF 766.56KB)
  59. pdfAndrew Carter (PDF 766.39KB)
  60.  pdfPatrick Hockey (PDF 600.65KB)
  61. pdfMarilyn Davis (PDF 600.65KB)
  62. pdfJohn Fraser (PDF 766.25KB)
  63. Confidential
  64. pdfJason Pink (PDF 800.19KB)
  65. pdfLeila Huebner (PDF 795.15KB)
  66. pdfGraeme Lawrence (PDF 766.39KB)
  67. pdfMelanie Walden (PDF 766.71KB)
  68. pdfAdele Gulliver (PDF 766.18KB)
  69. Confidential
  70. pdfBarrington Brown (PDF 1.99MB)
  71. pdfCharles Valladares (PDF 766.11KB)
  72. pdfJennifer King (PDF 8.58MB)
  73. pdfJudith Hill (PDF 766.56KB)
    pdfJudith Hill - attachment 1 (PDF 107.95KB)
  74. pdfMichael Rentoul (PDF 11.26MB)
  75. pdfWarrnambool City Council (PDF 928.86KB)
  76. pdfMargery Wilson (PDF 7.04MB)
  77. pdfChris Woodall (PDF 766.1KB)
  78. pdfRupert Bacher (PDF 793.49KB)
  79. pdfBetty Hollis (PDF 2.44MB)
  80. pdfDes Joyce (PDF 765.52KB)
  81. pdfMichele Grundmann (PDF 799.73KB)
  82. pdfPeter Mosse (PDF 1.65MB)
  83. pdfSouthern Grampians Shire Council (PDF 872.46KB)
  84. pdfWerner Grundmann (PDF 797.83KB)
  85. pdfCarol Joyce (PDF 802.66KB)
  86. pdfVictorian Transport Association (PDF 971.49KB)
  87. pdfPhilip Anstis (PDF 886.73KB)
  88. pdfChris Jansen (PDF 781.06KB)
  89. pdfJayne Neal (PDF 766.46KB)
  90. pdfLlewellyn Green (PDF 800.1KB)
  91. pdfRobert Nichol (PDF 855.72KB)
  92. pdfSamantha Cervinski (PDF 766.63KB)
  93. pdfAlan Gray (PDF 767.33KB)
  94. pdfNasser Kotb (PDF 858.93KB)
    pdfNasser Kotb - attachment 1 (PDF 138.58KB)
  95. pdfRobert Madell (PDF 822.21KB)
  96. pdfEvelyn Jack (PDF 850.81KB)
  97. pdfGraeme and Alexander (PDF 766.42KB)
  98. pdfKim Parry (PDF 825.67KB)
  99. pdfStephen Whitehead (PDF 2.45MB)
  100. pdfWallace Hill (PDF 2.21MB)
    pdfWallace Hill - attachment 1 (PDF 225.6KB)
  101. pdfRussell Lovell (PDF 1.05MB)
  102. pdfMark Craven (PDF 766.39KB)
  103. pdfTom and Barbara Phillip (PDF 6.75MB)
  104. Confidential
  105. pdfAdam Mather (PDF 766.51KB)
  106. pdfAlan Gardiner (PDF 2.27MB)
  107. pdfPaul Deakin (PDF 768.04KB)
  108. pdfGeoff McLeod (PDF 765.99KB)
  109. pdfGrant Alexander (PDF 769.97KB)
  110. pdfDale Hatton (PDF 766.29KB)
  111. pdfLal Whyte (PDF 794.3KB)
  112. pdfRodney Hayes (PDF 766.38KB)
  113. pdfSharon Wohlers (PDF 766.17KB)
  114. pdfMatthew Waite (PDF 766.22KB)
  115. pdfBishop Curnow (PDF 766.37KB)
  116. pdfGreg Moulden (PDF 766.5KB)
  117. pdfMoyne Shire Council (PDF 827.66KB)
  118. pdfGraham Dawson (PDF 18.51MB)
  119. pdfJuliet Beatty (PDF 766.25 KB)
  120. pdfJim McWilliam (PDF 766.8KB)
  121. pdfRob Brislin (PDF 766.51KB)
  122. pdfJo Pocklington (PDF 790.48KB)
  123. pdfBruce Frost (PDF 772.14KB)
  124. pdfMaureen Drennan (PDF 766.37KB)
  125. pdfBrian Patten (PDF 195.9KB)
    pdfBrian Patten - attachment 1 (PDF 146.28KB)
    pdfBrian Patten - attachment 2 (PDF 118.52KB)
    pdfBrian Patten - attachment 3 (PDF 1.26MB)
    pdfBrian Patten - attachment 4 (PDF 1.06MB)
  126. pdfDenette Lomas (PDF 365.06KB)
  127. pdfWal Ladlow (PDF 291.65KB)
  128. pdfDarryl Minns (PDF 3.42MB)
  129. pdfDeb Foskey (PDF 73.71KB)
  130. pdfMary Dyer (PDF 129.16KB)
  131. Confidential
  132. pdfCameron Reid (PDF 110.61KB)
  133. pdfJohn Ferguson (PDF 75.62KB)
  134. pdfCorangamite Shire Council (PDF 340.04KB)
    pdfCorangamite Shire Council - attachment 1 (PDF 970.33KB)
  135. pdfElizabeth Cameron (PDF 73.09KB)
  136. pdfNational Timber Association (PDF 636.73KB)
  137. pdfPyrenees Shire Council (PDF 218.04KB)
  138. pdfThe Great South Coast Regional Roads Group (PDF 192.99KB)
  139. pdfRoss Lees (PDF 73.12KB)
  140. pdfTerence Bird (PDF 72.6KB)
  141. pdfLena J (PDF 103.19KB)
  142. pdfWilhelmus Van Lammeren (PDF 105.72KB)
  143. pdfWyndham City Council (PDF 211.92KB)
  144. pdfKevin Cherry (PDF 14.63MB)
  145. pdfWilliam Hicks (PDF 395.08KB)
  146. pdfAndrew and Doreen Douglas (PDF 5.19MB)
  147. pdfColin McKenzie (PDF 77.52KB)
    pdfColin McKenzie - attachment 1 (PDF 2.3MB)
  148. pdfWimmera Southern Mallee Regional Transport Group (PDF 593.47KB)
  149. pdfChris Drury (PDF 91.71KB)
  150. pdfDes Trotter (PDF 120.89KB)
  151. pdfBuloke Shire Council (PDF 336.21KB)
  152. pdfJane Hildebrant (PDF 210.88KB)
  153. pdfBarrie Tyson (PDF 76.69KB)
  154. pdfLyn Russell (PDF 74.93KB)
  155. pdfLaurie Park (PDF 923.06KB)
  156. pdfHedley Mann (PDF 418.4KB)
  157. pdfRobert and Audrey Mancor (PDF 77.07KB)
  158. pdfTrevor Phillips (PDF 137.45KB)
  159. pdfNorthern Grampians Shire Council (PDF 662.31KB)
    pdfNorthern Grampians Shire Council - attachment 1 (PDF 197.32KB)
    pdfNorthern Grampians Shire Council - attachment 2 (PDF 5.01MB)
  160. pdfRobin Barber (PDF 148.3KB)
  161. pdfKevin Lee (PDF 4.62MB)
  162. pdfAlan Hamill (PDF 70.37KB)
  163. pdfRoss and Leanne Stewart (PDF 102.04KB)
  164. pdfMaurie Killeen (PDF 90.1KB)
  165. pdfMichael Byrne (PDF 108.29KB)
  166. Confidential
  167. pdfMark Petersen (PDF 172.21KB)
  168. pdfKevin Cooper (PDF 1.75MB)
  169. pdfAngie Howson (PDF 77.63KB)
  170. pdfJacqueline Bagnall (PDF 73.44KB)
  171. Confidential
  172. pdfGraham Otte (PDF 75.02KB)
  173. pdfJoey Yeo (PDF 74.64KB)
  174. pdfMacedon Ranges Shire Council (PDF 80.9KB)
    pdfMacedon Ranges Shire Council - attachment 1 (PDF 59.22KB)
  175. pdfVictorian Civil Construction Industry Alliance (PDF 498.72KB)
    pdfVictorian Civil Construction Industry Alliance (PDF 78.6KB)
  176. pdfBryce Dunn (PDF 72.54KB)
  177. pdfElaine Brown (PDF 73.34KB)
  178. pdfSimon Varley (PDF 73.59KB)
  179. pdfBrendan Vella (PDF 72.22KB)
  180. pdfStuart Hall (PDF 73.67KB)
  181. pdfNoel Daly (PDF 102.85KB)
    pdfNoel Daly - attachment 1 (PDF 720.83KB)
  182. pdfStephen Deutscher (PDF 73.95KB)
  183. pdfChris Lewis (PDF 73.27KB)
  184. pdfNaomi Davis (PDF 73.72KB)
  185. pdfGillian Senior (PDF 88.98KB)
  186. pdfOwen and Janette O'Keefe (PDF 73.69KB)
  187. pdfFraser Ramsay (PDF 73.3KB)
  188. pdfBernie Bicjerton (PDF 72.69KB)
  189. pdfAlison Caluzzi (PDF 73.64KB)
  190. pdfEnvironment East Gippsland (PDF 178.8KB)
  191. Confidential
  192. pdfNathan Taylor (PDF 102.74KB)
  193. pdfMitchul Hope (PDF 75.37KB)
  194. pdfAlan Porter (PDF 101.74KB)
  195. pdfPatrick Menon (PDF 70.19KB)
  196. pdfEmanuel Timmers (PDF 85.46KB)
  197. pdfPaul Gray (PDF 73.37KB)
  198. pdfLynn Welsh (PDF 74.57KB)
  199. pdfGlenda White (PDF 77.45KB)
  200. pdfGregory Van Scoy (PDF 76KB)
  201. pdfSophie Simson (PDF 76.52KB)
  202. Confidential
  203. pdfAllen Fairweather (PDF 73.18KB)
  204. pdfMaurice Squirrel (PDF 119.64KB)
    pdfMaurice Squirrel - attachment 1 (PDF 1.99MB)
  205. pdfBrian O'Donnell (PDF 77.96KB)
  206. pdfJohn Bridge (PDF 157.8KB)
  207. pdfRaylee Flynn (PDF 73.14KB)
  208. pdfHeather Howell (PDF 126.19KB)
  209. pdfJohn Dunn (PDF 147.32KB)
  210. pdfVic Lidstone (PDF 72.65KB)
  211. pdfJohn Parnell (PDF 72.78KB)
  212. pdfGeordie Simson (PDF 72.52KB)
  213. pdfKel York (PDF 73.9KB)
  214. pdfLindsay Griffin (PDF 160.62KB)
  215. Confidential
  216. pdfNathan Johnston (PDF 72.7KB)
  217. pdfKatherine Cain (PDF 73.41KB)
  218. pdfColin Stephens (PDF 103.34KB)
  219. pdfTracey Potatau-Wright (PDF 85.05KB)
  220. pdfYanakie Hall and Recreation Reserve Committee of Management (PDF 74.88KB)
  221. pdfAlex and Tricia Moon (PDF 75.56KB)
  222. pdfSarah McInnes (PDF 2.08MB)
  223. pdfVictorian Motorcycle Council (PDF 542.24KB)
  224. pdfKate Fanning (PDF 74.28KB)
  225. pdfPaul Hickey (PDF 105.73KB)
  226. pdfWarren Foss (PDF 73.58KB)
  227. pdfPaul Harrison (PDF 105.75KB)
  228. pdfNoreen Jennings (PDF 102.74KB)
  229. Confidential
  230. pdfBryce Letcher (PDF 145.93KB)
  231. pdfVictorian Association of Forest Industries (PDF 354.99KB)
  232. pdfBrigitte Lambert (PDF 103.23KB)
  233. pdfAnn Murray (PDF 73.64KB)
  234. pdfDavid Rowbottom (PDF 136.06KB)
  235. pdfJohn Klein (PDF 146.61KB)
  236. pdfColac Otway (PDF 445.67KB)
  237. pdfDaniel McLaughlan (PDF 88.41KB)
    pdfDaniel McLaughlan - attachment 1 (PDF 200.18KB)
  238. pdfShaun Dunford (PDF 73.69KB)
  239. pdfSouth Gippsland Shire Council (PDF 443.39KB)
    pdfSouth Gippsland Shire Council - attachment 1 (PDF 406.86KB)
  240. pdfAlbert and Beth Gubby (PDF 73.84KB)
  241. Confidential
  242. pdfAlan Heywood (PDF 74.39KB)
  243. pdfDarling and surrounds community (PDF 31.7MB)
  244. pdfBrian Kuster (PDF 70.87KB)
  245. pdfShire of Campaspe (PDF 215.42KB)
  246. pdfElizabeth Ryan (PDF 10.34MB)
    pdfElizabeth Ryan - attachment 1 (PDF 582.54KB)
    pdfElizabeth Ryan - attachment 2 (PDF 600.88KB)
    pdfElizabeth Ryan - attachment 3 (PDF 556.87KB)
    pdfElizabeth Ryan - attachment 4 (PDF 11.83MB)
    pdfElizabeth Ryan - attachment 5 (PDF 8.46MB)
  247. pdfYarra Ranges Council (PDF 289.9KB)
  248. pdfSusan Henning (PDF 95.51KB)
  249. pdfCr Geoff Curnow (PDF 236.98KB)
  250. pdfMitchell Shire Council (PDF 194.66KB)
  251. pdfBarry Wilson (PDF 72.48KB)
  252. pdfRegional Development Australia Barwon South West (PDF 314.48KB)
  253. Confidential
  254. pdfIndependent Riders Group (PDF 8.41MB)
    pdfIndependent Riders Group - attachment 1 (PDF 69.69KB)
    pdfIndependent Riders Group - attachment 2 (PDF 93.28KB)
    pdfIndependent Riders Group - attachment 3 (PDF 449.96KB)
    pdfIndependent Riders Group - attachment 4 (PDF 406.69KB)
    pdfIndependent Riders Group - attachment 5 (PDF 3.83MB)
  255. pdfTowong Shire Council (PDF 381.21KB)
  256. pdfYanakie Progress Association (PDF 70.95KB)
  257. pdfRoyal Automobile Club of Victoria (PDF 2.21MB)
  258. pdfJohn Bolitho (PDF 19.74MB)
    pdfJohn Bolitho - attachment 1 (PDF 59.18KB)
  259. pdfIndigo Shire Council (PDF 228.13KB)
  260. pdfNorman Roberts (PDF 70.11KB)
  261. pdfInstitute of Public Works Engineering Australia (PDF 543.92KB)
  262. pdfAngela O'Neil (PDF 71.61KB)
  263. pdfWendy James (PDF 97.94KB)
  264. Confidential
  265. pdfTrena and Allan Mullen (PDF 3.77MB)
  266. pdfJames Purcell MP (PDF 251.44MB)
  267. pdfNillumbik Pro Active Landowners (PDF 668.29KB)
  268. pdfMaurice Blackburn Lawyers (PDF 104.96KB)
  269. pdfTimothy Fraser (PDF 70.51KB)
  270. pdfPhilip Taylor (PDF 70.58KB)
  271. pdfMia Pithie (PDF 70.53KB)
  272. Confidential
  273. pdfSue McKinnon (PDF 143.24KB)
  274. pdfMurray River Group of Councils (PDF 254.66KB)
  275. pdfYvonne Burgess (PDF 99.15KB)
  276. pdfPhil Wright (PDF 235.96KB)
  277. pdfNatasha Frankensteiner (PDF 5.92MB)
  278. pdfTom Maher (PDF 77.27KB)
    pdfTom Maher - attachment 1 (PDF 40.46KB)
  279. pdfBrad Jackson (PDF 100.99KB)
    pdfBrad Jackson - attachment 1 (PDF 2.13MB)
  280. pdfBen Simpfendorfer (PDF 93KB)
  281. pdfJohn Simpfendorfer (PDF 97.07KB)
  282. pdfMaree Maher (PDF 71.77KB)
  283. pdfAnnette Hayes (PDF 150.99KB)
  284. pdfRodney O'Connell (PDF 117.48KB)
  285. pdfGeoffrey Coggins (PDF 74.19KB)
  286. pdfLeigh Coggins (PDF 109.01KB)
  287. pdfPeriUrban Group of Rural Councils (PDF 178.21KB)
  288. pdfRaymond Rowe (PDF 69.92KB)
  289. pdfStrategic Directions Group (PDF 86.48KB)
  290. pdfStuart Willis (PDF 147.83KB)
  291. pdfLivestock and Rural Transporters Association of Victorian Inc. (PDF 71.62KB)
  292. pdfPhil Adams (PDF 160.95KB)
  293. pdfJohn Lyons (PDF 182.83KB)
  294. pdfKatrina Rainsford (PDF 82.26KB)
  295. pdfRon Day (PDF 71.14KB)
  296. pdfMichael Higgs (PDF 733.39KB)
  297. pdfAdrian Schonfelder (PDF 70.84KB)
  298. pdfJulie Allen (PDF 72.09KB)
  299. pdfCaroline Coggins (PDF 84.5KB)
  300. pdfDavid Fenton (PDF 87.24KB)
  301. pdfLiz Burns (PDF 84.66KB)
  302. pdfJohn Nelson (PDF 89.59KB)
  303. pdfMunicipal Association of Victoria (PDF 276.3KB)
  304. pdfLesley Dalziel (PDF 108.46KB)
  305. pdfBarry Smith (PDF 2.29MB)
  306. pdfMIBUS BROS (PDF 738.25KB)
  307. pdfMary and Peter Hornibrook (PDF 184.4KB)
  308. pdfAndrew Hossack (PDF 410.27KB)
  309. pdfBH Gunton (PDF 1.19MB)
  310. pdfLynton Grayson (PDF 107.43KB)
  311. pdfJeffrey Sambell (PDF 73.24KB)
  312. pdfLeonie McDonald (PDF 103.61KB)
  313. pdfIona Mackenzie (PDF 386.4KB)
  314. pdfDepartment of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (PDF 674.22KB)
  315. pdfStephen Kirkpatrick (PDF 578.23KB)
  316. pdfVictorian Farmers Federation (PDF 416.68KB)
  317. pdfParklands Albury Wodonga (PDF 439.08KB)
  318. pdfGreat South Coast Regional Partnership (PDF 215.63KB)
    pdfGreat South Coast Regional Partnership - attachment 1 (PDF 175.19KB)
  319. pdfMurrindindi Shire Council (PDF 467.13KB)
  320. pdfLewis Llewelyn (PDF 455.18KB)
  321. pdfCity of Ballarat (PDF 511.11KB)
  322. pdfDepartment of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources and VicRoads (PDF 261.19KB)
    pdfDEDJTR and VicRoads - attachment 1 (PDF 418.89KB)
    pdfDEDJTR and VicRoads - attachment 2 (PDF 10.76MB)
    pdfDEDJTR and VicRoads - attachment 3 (PDF 472 KB)
    pdfDEDJTR and VicRoads - attachment 4 (PDF 770.65KB)
  323. pdfBill McAuliffe (PDF 98.74KB)
  324. pdfDr Greta Prozesky (PDF 151.07KB)
  325. pdfCentral Goldfields Shire Council (PDF 222.03KB)
  326. pdfOwen Shannon (PDF 176.89KB)
  327. pdfMornington Peninsula Shire - Officers (PDF 334.7KB)
  328. Confidential
  329. pdfRegional Cities Victoria (PDF 382.33KB)
  330. pdfBarbie Sawyer (PDF 107.58KB)
  331. pdfOwen Rye (PDF 98.53KB)
  332. pdfHealesville Action Group (PDF 141.55KB)
  333. pdfMornington Peninsula Shire - Council Endorsed (PDF 296.83KB)
  334. pdfTransport Accident Commission (PDF 761.44KB)
  335. pdfLynene Duncan (PDF 203.81KB)