Inquiry into Public Hospital Performance Data


Public Consultation

The Committee has received the following written submissions to the inquiry. All submissions and attachments are in PDF format. Some files are scanned from paper submissions and will not be able to be read by screen readers. Please contact the committee for access to this information.

No. Name / Group File
1 Mrs Faye Burville  Submission 1.pdf 656.84 Kb
2 Dr Andrew Buck, Angliss Hospital Emergency Department  Submission 2.pdf 106.38 Kb
3 Mr Maxwell Hayes pdf Submission 3.pdf 22.77 Kb
4 Mr Arthur Hawley  Submission 4.pdf 13.67 Kb
5 Ms Sylvie O'Neale  Submission 5.pdf 384.98 Kb
6 Dr David Eddey, Australasian College for Emergency Medicine  Submssion 6.pdf 290.48 Kb
 Submission 6 Attachment.pdf 347.90 Kb
7 Mr Avtar Kaur  Submission 7.pdf 79.19 Kb
8 Dr Alan Jager, The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists  Submission 8.pdf 68.01 Kb
9 Dr Garry Lane, Western Health  Submission 9.pdf 1.55 Mb
10 Dr Sue Evans, NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Patient Safety  Submission 10.pdf 39.69 Kb
11 Mr Stephen Cornelissen, Mercy Health  Submission 11.pdf 650.73 Kb
12 Ms Anne Bergin, Australian College of Health Service Executives  Submission 12.pdf 15.28 Kb
 Submission 12 Attachment 1.pdf 58.88 Kb
 Submission 12 Attachment 2.pdf 127.14 Kb
13 Mrs Maureen Hargraves  Submission 13.pdf 361.67 Kb
14 Mr George Coates  Submission 14.pdf 8.34 Kb
15 Mr Robert Martin  Submission 15.pdf 7.45 Kb
16 Mr Johannes de Knecht  Submission 16.pdf 9.75 Mb
17 Mrs Maria Kawalec  Submission 17.pdf 1.38 Mb
18 Mr Peter Bennett  Submission 18.pdf 1.95 Mb
19 Dr Jillian Tomlinson  Submission 19.pdf 74.51 Kb
20 Mrs Eileen Pica  Submission 20.pdf 28.68 Kb
21 Ms Joy Johnston  Submission 21.pdf 32.35 Kb
22 Dr Desiree Yap, Victorian Medical Women's Society  Submission 22.pdf 245.40 Kb
23 Mr Jack Riedel, Tall Umbrella  Submission 23.pdf 37.25 Kb
24 Dr Steve Moylan, President, Doctor-in-training Suvdivision, AMA Victoria  Submission 24.pdf 101.23 Kb
25 Dr Georiana Chin, Chair, Inner Subdvision, AMA Victoria  Submission 25.pdf 103.77 Kb
26 Mr Tony Bartone, Chair, Section of General Practice, AMA Victoria  Submission 26.pdf 99.50 Kb
27 Dr Shirley Prager, Chair, Southern Subdivision, AMA Victoria  Submission 27.pdf 99.42 Kb
28 Dr Talitha Barrett, Chair, Bendigo and District Subdivision, AMA Victoria  Submission 28.pdf 103.35 Kb
29 Dr Michael Levick, Chair, Northern Subdivision, AMA Victoria  Submission 29.pdf 97.54 Kb
30 Ms Janie Nottingham, Maternity Coalition  Submission 30.pdf 317.20 Kb
31 Dr Dennis Gration  Submission 31.pdf 4.86 Mb
32 Mr Michael Dobson, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons  Submission 32.pdf 788.37 Kb
33 Assoc Professor Ian Pettigrew  Submission 33.pdf 429.92 Kb
34 Steve McGhie, Ambulance Employees Australia  Submission 34.pdf 1.23 Mb
35 Dr Mike Moynihan, Rural Doctors Association of Victoria  Submission 35.pdf 4.04 Mb
36 Mrs Judith Barlee, Alpine Health  Submission 36.pdf 629.63 Kb
37 Victorian Government  Submission 37.pdf 326.31 Kb
38 Dr Douglas Travis, President, AMA Victoria  Submission 38.pdf 123.67 Kb
39 Mr Brian Pell  Submission 39.pdf 14.65 Kb
40 Mrs Jenny Fielden  Submission 40.pdf 318.53 Kb
41 Mr Paul France  Submission 41.pdf 1.03 Mb
42 Royal Australasian College of Physicians  Submission 42.pdf 31.56 Kb
 Submission 42 Attachment 1.pdf 18.12 Kb
 Submission 42 Attachment 2.pdf 390.42 Kb
43 Mr Prem Appapillai  Submission 43.pdf 499.41 Kb
44 Dr Peter Lazzari  Submission 44.pdf 5.24 Mb
45 Ms Morgan  Submission 45.pdf 161.81 Kb
46 Mr Lachlan de Crespigny  Submission 46.pdf 114.17 Kb
47 Ms Melissa Bennett, Council Member, Association of Medical Recruitment Australia & New Zealand  Submission 47.pdf 88.97 Kb
48 Prof Paddy Dewan  Submission 48.pdf 29.57 Kb
49 Dr Emil Popvic  Submission 49.pdf 27.00 Kb
50 Mr Julien Leith, Victorian Mental Health Carers Network  Submission 50.pdf 76.44 Kb


Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 August 2010