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Inquiry into Public Hospital Performance Data

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2 December 2009

Legislative Council Committee Room Parliament House


Ambulance Victoria

Mr Greg Sassella - Chief Executive Officer
Mr Alex Currell - General Manager, Strategic Planning
Mr Tony Walker - General Manager, Regional Services
Mr Mark Rogers - General Manager, Specialist Services

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Department of Health regarding Hospital Data Integrity

Ms Fran Thorn - Secretary, Department of Health
Mr Tim Barta - Director, Hospital Data Integrity

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17 August 2009

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House

Ambulance Employees Australia
Mr Steve McGhie, General Secretary

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School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Prof John McNeil, Head
Dr Sue Evans, Associate Director, Centre for Excellence in Patient Safety

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Department of Health
Ms Fran Thorn, Secretary
Mr Lance Wallace, Executive Director, Metropolitan Health and Aged Care Services Division
Prof Chris Brook, Executive Director, Rural and Regional Health and Aged Care Services Division
Mr Paul Smith, Acting Executive Director, Mental Health and Drugs Division

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Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (Victorian Branch)
Assoc Prof Malcolm Hopwood, Chairperson
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18 August 2009

Room G1,
55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne
(Pedestrian access via Macarthur St)

Australasian College for Emergency Medicine
Dr David Eddey, Chair Victorian Faculty
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Australian Medical Association, Victoria
Dr S Parnis, Emergency Physician
Dr S Mansfield, President, Doctors in Training Subdivision
Mr Ben Harris, Director Policy and Public Affairs
Mr G O'Kearney, Director, Workplace and Advocacy
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Royal Australian College of Physicians
Dr Grant Phelps, Member, Quality Expert Advisory Group
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Dr Garry Lane, Consultant Physician, Western Health

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Professor Paddy Dewan

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