Inquiry into Local Economic Development Initiatives in Victoria

Terms of Reference

Please note: the Committee received an extension for the Inquiry. The reporting date is now 31 July 2013.

Received from the Legislative Assembly on 20 June 2012:

That under s 33 the Parliamentary Committees Act 2003, the Economic Development and Infrastructure Committee is required to inquire into, consider and report no later than *24 June 2013 on issues relating to local economic development initiatives in Victoria and, in particular, the Committee is requested to:
  1. examine the range of existing local economic development programs being carried out in Victorian municipalities;
  2. examine the appropriate role of local government in generating economic development and review the allocation of responsibility in this area with the State Government;
  3. examine whether the role of local government in rural and regional areas has different economic development tasks to that of metropolitan based municipalities;
  4. identify the barriers to local economic development, including compliance costs for business and planning delays, in operating in local municipalities and develop solutions to address these barriers;
  5. examine ways in which municipal councils and the Victorian Government can jointly support local economic development, enhance and promote employment and attract new investment, especially in localities with emerging economic potential; and
  6. investigate best practice local economic development initiatives relevant to the terms of reference.

* Amended to 31 July 2013 by the Legislative Assembly on 17 April 2013.

pdf Download an electronic version of the above terms of reference here (PDF, 24.59 Kb)

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