Inquiry into the Impact of the Goods and Services Tax in Victoria

Terms of Reference

Parliamentary Committees Act 1968

Terms Of Reference To The Economic Development Committee


The Governor in Council, under section 39 of the Parliamentary Committees Act 1968 issues the following terms of reference to the Economic Development Committee for inquiry into the Goods and Services Tax in Victoria:

a) Assess the impact on the Victorian economy of the GST on the competitiveness of small and medium sized businesses with particular reference to regional Victoria including an examination of:

  1. LPG prices;
  2. petrol prices;
  3. electricity prices;
  4. compliance costs; and
  5. the cost of Government services

b) Report by the first day of the Spring 2000 Parliamentary session.

Dated: 29 February 2000

Responsible Minister:

Steve Bracks
Clerk of the Executive Council