Inquiry into Marine Rescue Services in Victoria

Terms of Reference

The Committee received the following terms of reference from the Governor in Council on 28 January 2014:

The Economic Development, Infrastructure and Outer Suburban/Interface Services Committee is requested to inquire into, consider and report to the Parliament on Marine Rescue Services in Victoria. The Committee is asked to:

  1. identify the range of marine rescue services currently provided in Victoria and consider whether the range and manner of services is fit for purpose;
  2. outline the current structure of marine rescue service provision in Victoria and consider possible improvements to that service provision;
  3. outline the areas of responsibility for marine rescue service providers and regulators and identify any areas of overlapping responsibility;
  4. investigate the legislation that enables and governs search and rescue activities in Victoria and provide recommendations on improvements;
  5. review existing marine monitoring and communications processes underpinning rescue services and provide advice on improvements which could be considered; and
  6. review the training and development needs for marine rescue service providers and provide recommendations on improvements.

The Committee is requested to report to the Parliament no later than 1 August 2014.

On the 4 March 2014, the reporting date was extended by the Governor in Council to no later than 4 September 2014.

pdf Click here to download the terms of reference (PDF, 19.26 Kb)

Last Updated on Friday, 11 April 2014