Inquiry into Melbourne's Future Water Supply

Public Hearings

8 September 2008, 2:00pm - 5:00pm 

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House 

Waterways Melbourne Water
Ben Furmage, General Manager, Strategic Planning
Chris Chesterfield, General Manager 
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Office of Water, Department of Sustainability & Environment
Peter Harris, Secretary
David Downie, General Manager
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Environment Victoria
Kelly O'Shanassy
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Victorian Farmers Federation
Simon Ramsay, President
Graeme Ford, Executive Manager, Policy
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27 October 2008, 2:00pm - 4:30pm

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House

Stormwater Industry Association of Victoria
Andrew Allan, President
Peter Morison, Member
Claude Cullino, Member

Monash University
Associate Professor Rebekah Brown, Program Leader, National Urban Water Governance Program, School of Geography and Environment Science, Faculty of Arts
Associate Professor Ana Deletic, Institute for Sustainable Water Resources, Faculty of Arts
Professor Tony Wong, Chief Executive Officer, Facility for Advancing Water Biofiltration, Honorary Professorial Fellow, School of Geography and Environmental Science, Faculty of Arts

The University of Melbourne
Professor John Langford, Director, Uniwater, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr Shiroma Maheepala, Land and Water Division


10 November 2008, 1:20pm - 4:30pm

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House

Watermark Australia
Mary Crooks, Project Director
Wayne Chamley, Senior Project Officer

City of Melbourne
David Mayes, Manager Strategic Planning and Sustainability
Alex Fearnside, Team Leader Sustainability
Sheridan Blunt, Acting Team Leader Transport
Ralf Pfleiderer, Water Sensitive Urban Designer

A Group of Concerned Individuals
Andrea Bolch
Neil Rankin
David Wingfield

Victorian Water Forum
Paul Gaynor, President, Watershed Victoria
Stephen Cannon, Member, Watershed Victoria
Anton Vigenser, CEO, Clean Oceans Foundation
Mike Dalmau, Plug the Pipe

Watershed Victoria
Stephen Cannon, Member
Neil Ranking, Member
Paul Gaynor, Member

Clean Oceans Foundation
Anton Vigenser, CEO

Plug the Pipe
Chris Harrison
Ken Pattison
Mike Dalmau


2 February 2009, 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House

Yarra Valley Water
Tony Kelly, Chief Executive officer (on behalf of Melbourne's Water Retailers)

Royal Park Protection Group Inc.
Julianne Bell, Convenor

Protectors of Public Land Inc
Brian Walters, President

Geoff Croker

Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability
Dr Ian McPHail, Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability
Hamis Walker, Director
Jane Tovey, Program Manager, State of Environment Report
Bruce Greenop, Senio rProgram Officer, State of Environment Report

Essential Services Commission
Paul Fearon, Cheif Executive Officer
Sean Crees, Director of Water


16 March 2009

Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House

Bonacci Water
Dr P Coombes, Director





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