Inquiry into the Control of Ovine Johne's Disease in Victoria

Terms of Reference


The Governor in Council under Section 4F of the Parliamentary Committees Act 1968 issues the following terms of reference to the Environment and Natural Resources Committee for inquiry into Ovine Johne’s disease control in Victoria:

a) Assess the economic and social impacts of strategies implemented from December 1996 for the management and control of ovine Johne’s disease on individual producers, the sheep industry in Victoria and Victorian regional communities.

b) In the light of scientific knowledge of ovine Johne’s disease and the national control and evaluation program, consider and assess the costs and the economic and social impact of any alternative strategies for management in Victoria.

c) After consideration of the outcomes from the CSIRO review, recommend future management strategies for OJD in Victoria.

d) Report by 30 September 2000.

Responsible Minister: Keith Hamilton, MP, Minister for Agriculture

Referred to the Environment and Natural Resources Committee by Order in Council  of Tuesday, 22 February 2000, as gazetted on Friday, 25 February 2000.

Also referred to the Committee by resolution of the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday, 14 March 2000.

The Committee resolved to commence the inquiry on 20 March 2000.

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