Inquiry into the Management of the Fishing Charter Industry in Victoria


Inquiry Report

The report outlines the findings and recommendations of the Committee's inquiry into the management of the fishing charter industry in Victoria.

The report covers the Committee's investigation of a number of key factors affecting the industry including sustainable fishing practices, business management, safety and service standards. It covers boat based fishing charter operations as well as non boat based activities including those undertaken by fishing guides.

The report also outlines a number of possible options for enhancing the management of the fishing charter and guide industries and has recommended a system of management involving the registration of charter vessels, a voluntary accreditation program and the use of voluntary catch and effort logbooks.

The inquiry report was tabled in Parliament on 31 October 2002.

pdf Final report of the Inquiry into the management of the fishing charter industry in Victoriart.pdf 4.83 Mb


Government Response to the Inquiry Report

A report from the Minister for Agriculture on the action that the Government proposed to take in response to the recommendations of the Committee was tabled in Parliament on 29 April 2003.

pdf Government_response_to_the_Inquiry_into_the_management_of_the_fishing_charter_industry_in_Victoria.pdf 33.46 Kb

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