Inquiry into Soil Carbon Sequestration in Victoria

Transcripts of Evidence

The following witnesses have given evidence to the inquiry Soil Carbon Sequestration in Victoria:

1 March 2010, Melbourne

Witness: CSIRO (pdf, 99 KB)

Witness: James Saunders (pdf, 21 KB)

Witness: Australian Soil Carbon Accreditation Scheme (pdf, 73 KB)

Witness: Ignite Energy Resources (pdf, 40 KB)


15 March 2010, Melbourne

Witness: Monash University (pdf, 61 KB)

Witness: Victorian Farmers Federation (pdf, 48 KB)

Witness: The Climate Institute (pdf, 72 KB)

Witness: Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability (pdf, 38 KB)


29 March 2010, Horsham

Witness: pdf Northern Poultry Cluster/Biochar-Energy Systems 43.46 Kb

Witness: pdf Hindmarsh Shire Council/Wimmera Mallee Sustainability Alliance 39.30 Kb

Witness: pdf Wimmera Catchment Management Authority 38.76 Kb

Witness: pdf Victorian No-Till Farmers Association 43.12 Kb

Witness:pdf Grains Group, Victorian Farmers Federation 39.12 Kb


30 March 2010, Hamilton

Witness: pdf Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority 46.44 Kb

Witness: pdf Environmental Farmers Network 41.15 Kb

Witness: pdf Greening Australia 39.46 Kb

Witness: pdf Department of Primary Industries 41.84 Kb


12 April 2010, Melbourne

Witness: pdf Dairy Australia 37.93 Kb

Witness: pdf Victorian Catchment Management Council 49.98 Kb

Witness: pdf Compost Victoria 44.47 Kb

Witness: pdf Department of Primary Industries 40.76 Kb


19 April 2010, Traralgon

Witness: pdf West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority 47.25 Kb

Witness: pdf South Gippsland Shire Council  bytes

Witness: pdf John Gallienne 24.36 Kb

Witness: pdf Bass Coast Landcare Network 30.93 Kb

Witness: pdf Agribusiness Gippsland 29.28 Kb


20 April 2010, Thoona

Witness: pdf Gecko CLaN 73.46 Kb

10 May 2010, Sydney

Witness: pdf Baker and McKenzie 260.14 Kb

Witness: pdf University of New England 260.15 Kb

Witness: pdf University of Sydney 260.10 Kb

Witness: pdf University of New South Wales 260.15 Kb

Witness: pdf Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists 260.04 Kb


12 May 2010, Wollongbar

Witness: pdf Wollongbar Primary Industries Institute, Industry and Investment 125.48 Kb


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