Past InquiriesCompleted Date
Inquiry into Heritage Tourism and Ecotourism in Victoria03-09-2014
Inquiry into Rural Drainage in Victoria26-06-2013
Inquiry into the Establishment and Effectiveness of Registered Aboriginal Parties14-11-2012
Inquiry into Flood Mitigation Infrastructure in Victoria29-08-2012
Inquiry into the Environment Effects Statement Process in Victoria30-09-2011
Inquiry into the Environment Effects Statement process in Victoria - LAPSED02-11-2010
Inquiry into Soil Carbon Sequestration in Victoria02-09-2010
Inquiry into The Approvals Process for Renewable Energy Projects in Victoria25-02-2010
Inquiry into Melbourne's Future Water Supply02-06-2009
Inquiry into the Impact of Public Land Management Practices on Bushfires in Victoria26-06-2008
Inquiry into the Production and/or Use of Biofuels in Victoria27-10-2006
Inquiry into the Energy Services Industry15-06-2006
Inquiry into Sustainable Communities14-06-2005
Inquiry on the Impacts and Trends in Soil Acidity31-03-2004
Inquiry into Veterinary Pathology Services04-06-2003
Inquiry into the Management of the Fishing Charter Industry in Victoria31-10-2002
Inquiry into Fisheries Management - Second Report12-06-2002
Inquiry into Fisheries Management - First Report: Co-management05-12-2001
Inquiry into the Allocation of Water Resources21-11-2001
Inquiry into the Control of Ovine Johne's Disease in Victoria31-10-2000
Inquiry into the Utilisation of Victorian Native Flora and Fauna02-06-2000
Inquiry into Pest Plants in Victoria15-05-1998
Inquiry into Ballast Water and Hull Fouling in Victoria15-10-1997