Inquiry into Oaths and Affirmations with Reference to the Multicultural Community

Terms of Reference

Reference from the Legislative Assembly 28 November 2001

To the Law Reform Committee – for inquiry, consideration and report by 30 September 2002 on the system of oaths and oath taking in Victorian courts and the making of statutory declarations and affidavits with reference to the multicultural community and in particular to have regard to issues including but not limited to:

  1. The significance of sacred texts to witnesses, other parties and jury members of particular faiths;
  2. The provision of a sufficient range of appropriate texts and minimum standards in this regard for all Victorian jurisdictions;
  3. The provision of cultural awareness training to all court staff and persons before whom affidavits are sworn and the development of appropriate and sensitive practice by all such persons; and
  4. Whether the classes or groups of people currently permitted to witness affidavits and statutory declarations are sufficiently accessible to, and reflective of, the diversity of the Victorian community.
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