Inquiry into Technology and the Law

Evidence, Submissions and Research


pdf Ms A. Wallace, Deputy Director, Australian Institute of Judicial Administration, 1 December 1997 - 92.78 Kb.

pdf Project Pathfinder (Mr M. Thomas, Director, Business Improvements, Department of Justice; Mr J. Dinsdale, Team Leader, Courts, Department of Justice; and Dr L. Trudzik, Partner, KPMG.), 23 December 1997 - 101.47 Kb.

pdf Mr Jeff Leeuwenburg, IT Consultant, Technology for Justice Conference, 9 February 1998 - 50.01 Kb.


pdf Department of Justice, April 1998 -  169.68 Kb.

Student Intern Research Papers

pdf Security and Privacy Issues Relating to Law and Technology by Michelle Barisic -  76.59 Kb .

An Examination of Video Conferencing and Electronic Evidence Presentation by Kathya Martyres (not available for download).

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