Review of the Members of Parliament (Register of Interests) Act 1978

Transcripts of Evidence

The Committee may invite witnesses to a public hearing, to make representations directly to the members of the Committee and to answer questions put by the Committee. This allows the Committee to follow up points of interest and concern and often lets people who have made a submission amplify points and give additional information.

Public hearings are recorded and a transcript of evidence prepared, to ensure that the Committee has an accurate record of proceedings.

Following is the program of past public hearings and the transcripts of evidence given for the Review of the Members of Parliament (Register of Interests) Act 1978. Hearings were held on:

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Monday 29 June 2009 - Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House, Spring Street, East Melbourne 3002 

  1. pdf Parliament of Victoria 45.71 Kb
    The Hon. Jenny Lindell MP, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
  2. pdf Parliament of Victoria 65.51 Kb
    Mr Ray Purdey, Clerk of the Parliaments and Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
    Mr Wayne Tunnecliffe, Clerk of the Legislative Council
  3. pdf Democratic Audit of Australia 67.06 Kb
    Professor Brian Costar, Coordinator
    Professor Jock Given
  4. pdf Associate Professor the Hon. Dr Ken Coghill, Monash University 46.08 Kb
  5. pdf Liberty Victoria - Victorian Council for Civil Liberties Inc 65.33 Kb
    Ms Anne O'Rourke, Vice-President
    Mr Jamie Gardiner, Vice-President
  6. pdf Transparency International Australia 47.91 Kb
    Ms Elizabeth O'Keeffe, Director

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Tuesday 21 July 2009 - Room G2, 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne 3002

  1. pdf Mr Brendan Donohoe, State Political Reporter, Seven Network 74.60 Kb
  2. pdf Office of the Victorian Privacy Commissioner 50.13 Kb
    Ms Helen Versey, Victorian Privacy Commissioner
    Mr Scott May, Policy and Compliance Officer
  3. pdf ANZSOG Institute for Governance 88.48 Kb
    Mr Howard Whitton, visiting fellow
    Dr James Swansson, consultant researcher

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Monday 10 August 2009 - Room G5, 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne 3002

  1. pdf Mr Gary Crooke, former Queensland Integrity Commissioner 48.52 Kb

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Monday 17 August 2009 - Waratah Room, Parliament of New South Wales, Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000

  1. pdf St James Ethics Centre 55.44 Kb
    Dr Simon Longstaff, Executive Director
  2. pdf Parliament of New South Wales 55.15 Kb
    The Hon. Peter Primrose MLC, President of the Legislative Council
    Ms Lynn Lovelock, Clerk of the Legislative Council
    The Hon. Kayee Griffin MLC, Chair of the Legislative Council Privileges Committee
  3. pdf Mr Ian Dickson, New South Wales Parliamentary Ethics Adviser 46.65 Kb
  4. pdf Independent Commission Against Corruption 47.72 Kb
    The Hon. Jerrold Cripps QC, Commissioner
  5. pdf Parliament of New South Wales 49.55 Kb
    Mr Paul Pearce MP, Chair, Standing Committee on Parliamentary Privilege and Ethics, Legislative Assembly

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