Inquiry into Alternative Dispute Resolution

Discussion Paper


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The purpose of this Discussion Paper was to assist stakeholders and members of the public who wished to make a submission to the Committee for its inquiry into Alternative Dispute Resolution. This inquiry is completed. No further submissions will be accepted.

Further information about the Discussion Paper

The purpose of this Discussion Paper is to outline current ADR mechanisms in Victoria and elsewhere and to identify issues and best practice. This information is intended to provide background information on the inquiry to relevant stakeholders and interested members of the public.

In order to assist stakeholders, this Discussion Paper aims to give guidance in relation to the types of issues the Committee wishes to consider as part of its inquiry and poses a series of questions about issues relating to ADR. The questions are intended to be a general indication rather than an exhaustive list of the areas the Committee will cover in the Final Report. The Committee recognises that stakeholders can make an important contribution to identifying issues in an inquiry.

It is important to note that this Discussion Paper reflects the fact that the Committee has not yet reached any conclusions in relation to the issues identified. The Discussion Paper summarises the current state of play in Victoria and other jurisdictions in relation to ADR and examines the views of other reform agencies. It does not favour any particular reform option. This is because the Committee considers it important to hear the views of stakeholders and other interested persons before reaching any conclusions or forming recommendations.

If you have any further questions, or if you would like a hard copy of this discussion paper, please contact the Committee on (03) 8682 2851 or


Last Updated on Friday, 28 May 2010