Inquiry into Property Investment Advisers and Marketeers

Hearings and Transcripts

The Committee may invite witnesses to a public hearing, to make representations directly to the members of the Committee and to answer questions put by the Committee. This allows the Committee to follow up points of interest and concern and often lets people who have made a submission amplify points and give additional information.

Public hearings are recorded and a transcript of evidence prepared, to ensure that the Committee has an accurate record of proceedings.

Following is the program of public hearings and the transcripts of evidence given for the Inquiry into Property Investment Advisers and Marketeers:


15 October 2007 - Room G1, 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

  1. pdf Property Planning Australia - pdf 73.83 Kb
    Mr Mark Armstrong, Director
    Mr David Johnston, Director
  2. pdf Property Investment Association of Australia - pdf 70.75 Kb
    Mr John Hopkins, Chairman
    Mr Noel Browne, General Manager
    Mr Phil Emery, Program Director, DeakinPrime
  3. pdf Consumer Action Law Centre - pdf 58.45 Kb
    Mr Gerard Brody, Director - Policy & Campaigns
  4. pdf Property Investors Association of Australia - pdf 50.64 Kb
    Mr John Moore, President
  5. pdf Real Estate Institute of Australia - pdf 53.42 Kb
    Mr Bryan Stephens, Chief Executive Officer
    Mr Mathew Munro, Policy Manager

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12 November 2007 - Room G1, 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

  1. pdf Consumer Affairs Victoria - pdf 69.57 Kb
    Dr David Cousins, Director
  2. pdf Australian Property Institute - pdf 59.72 Kb
    Mr Rob Pepicelli, Victorian Division
  3. pdf Financial Planning Association of Australia - pdf 60.04 Kb
    Ms Corinna Dieters, Chair
    Mr Peter Dunn, Certified Financial Planner, Moneyplan Australia
  4. pdf The Investors Club - pdf 53.20 Kb
    Mr Neil Higgins, National Finance Manager
    Mr Troy Gunasekara, Branch Manager
  5. pdf Wakelin Property Advisory - pdf 49.42 Kb
    Ms Monique Wakelin, Co-Founder
  6. pdf Real Estate Buyers' Agents Association of Australia - pdf 41.76 Kb
    Mr Hugh Jones, Vice President
  7. pdf Mr Neil Jenman, Consumer Advocate 52.53 Kb
  8. pdf Association of Financial Advisers - pdf 42.82 Kb
    Mr Kerry Sharp, Victoria State Director
    Ms Pina Sciarrone, Victorian Council Chair
  9. pdf Law Institute of Victoria - pdf 47.10 Kb
    Mr Michael Hayes, Commercial Law Section
    Ms Karen Cheng, Property and Environmental Law Section

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