Inquiry into Vexatious Litigants

Hearings and Transcripts

The Committee may invite witnesses to a public hearing, to make representations directly to the members of the Committee and to answer questions put by the Committee. This allows the Committee to follow up points of interest and concern and often lets people who have made a submission amplify points and give additional information.

Public hearings are recorded and a transcript of evidence prepared, to ensure that the Committee has an accurate record of proceedings.

Following is the program of past public hearings and the transcripts of evidence given for the Inquiry into Vexatious Litigants. Hearings were held on:

Transcripts of evidence

6 August 2008 - Room G1, 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

  1. pdf Mr Simon Smith, Solicitor and PhD candidate, Monash University - pdf 73.60 Kb
  2. pdf Law Institute of Victoria - pdf 59.69 Kb
    Ms Irene Chrisafis, Lawyer, Litigation Lawyers Section, Law Institute of Victoria
    Mr Mark Yorsten, Consultant, Wisewould Lawyers
    Ms Mimi Marcus, Associate, Maddocks
  3. pdf The Victorian Bar - pdf 49.21 Kb
    Mr Greg Garde QC, Chair, Victorian Bar Law Reform Committee
    Mr Tony O'Donoghue, Member, Victorian Bar Law Reform Committee
    Mr Franz Holzer, Member, Victorian Bar Law Reform Committee
  4. pdf Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health - pdf 87.32 Kb
    Dr Grant Lester, Forensic Psychiatrist
    Professor Paul Mullen, Professor of Forensic Psychiatry, Department of Psychological Medicine, Monash University
  5. pdf Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission - pdf 47.82 Kb
    Mr Matthew Carroll, Acting Chief Executive Officer
    Mr Chris Thwaites, Manager, Investigation and Conciliation Unit
  6. pdf Darebin Community Legal Centre - pdf 57.12 Kb
    Ms Donna Williamson, Prison Outreach Worker
    Mr Cameron Shilton, Community Legal Education Worker
  7. pdf Office of Public Prosecutions - pdf 47.60 Kb
    Mr Peter Byrne, Principal Solicitor, Policy & Advice Section

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13 August 2008 - Room G1, 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

  1. pdf Wellington Shire Council - pdf 40.97 Kb
    Mr Jim Wilson, Director, Corporate Services
  2. pdf Women's Legal Service Victoria - pdf 48.16 Kb
    Ms Penny Drysdale, Law Reform and Policy Lawyer
    Ms Sarah Vessali, former Principal Lawyer
  3. pdf Commonwealth Bank of Australia - pdf 44.59 Kb
    Mr Ross Thomson, Legal Officer
    Mr Grant Dewar, Legal Officer
  4. pdf Public Interest Law Clearing House (PILCH) and Human Rights Law Resource Centre (HRLRC) - pdf 54.56 Kb
    Ms Kristen Hilton, Executive Director, PILCH
    Ms Michelle Panayi, Manager, Law Institute Legal Assistance Scheme, PILCH
    Mr Ben Schokman, Human Rights Lawyer, HRLRC
  5. pdf Mental Health Legal Centre - pdf 45.29 Kb
    Mr Martin Thomas, Policy Officer
  6. pdf Federation of Community Legal Centres - pdf 69.17 Kb
    Dr Christine Atmore, Policy Officer
    Mr Charandev Singh, Human Rights and Advocacy Worker, Brimbank Melton Community Legal Centre
  7. pdf NSW Ombudsman - pdf 61.29 Kb
    Mr Chris Wheeler, Deputy Ombudsman
  8. pdf Professor Tania Sourdin, Professor of Conflict Resolution, University of Queensland - pdf 57.84 Kb

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6 October 2008 - Room G8, 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

  1. pdf Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) - pdf 42.29 Kb
    Justice Kevin Bell, President

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