Inquiry into the Review of the Coroner's Act 1985

Hearings and Transcripts

The Committee may invite witnesses to a public hearing, to make representations directly to the members of the Committee and to answer questions put by the Committee. This allows the Committee to follow up points of interest and concern and often lets people who have made a submission amplify points and give additional information.

Public hearings are recorded and a transcript of evidence prepared, to ensure that the Committee has an accurate record of proceedings.

The Law Reform Committee held public hearings for this inquiry in Melbourne on:

Please note:

A number of people spoke to the Committee about their personal experiences as family members involved in a coronial process. Some of these witnesses expressed the opinion that their relative had received inadequate medical treatment before his or her death.

By making the transcripts from the public hearings available on its website in their entirety, the Committee does not endorse or in any way judge the accuracy or otherwise of the opinions expressed. The Committee accepts that some of the medical staff and institutions involved may have a different opinion concerning the standard or level of medical treatment involved in a particular case.

It is important to note that the Committee's inquiry is limited by the terms of reference which direct the Committee to consider an appropriate legislative framework for the Coroners Act. As such in its final report, the Committee cannot investigate individual cases, or make findings about the standard or level of medical treatment in individual cases.

Transcripts of evidence

Melbourne, 22 August 2005

  1. pdf Mr Graeme Bond - pdf 55.91 Kb
    pdf Presentation - pdf 62.31 Kb
  2. pdf Mrs Caroline Storm - pdf 52.64 Kb
  3. pdf Ms Carol Smith - pdf 50.47 Kb
  4. pdf Ms Marion Stevens - pdf 42.17 Kb
  5. pdf Ms Katherine Brand and Dr Maartje Van-der-Vlies, criminologist - pdf 42.75 Kb
  6. pdf Mrs Lynette King and Mrs Anne Anderson - pdf 79.89 Kb
  7. pdf Mr Leon Hain - pdf 59.07 Kb
  8. pdf Mr David Kaufmann, Mrs Margrit Kaufmann, and Mr David Taylor, community development officer, Springvale Monash Legal Centre - pdf 59.93 Kb

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Melbourne, 19 September 2005

  1. pdf State Coroner's Office - pdf 109.09 Kb
    Mr Graeme Johnstone, State Coroner
    Mr Ian West, Deputy State Coroner
    Mr Rick Roberts, Registrar
  2. pdf Medical Error Action Group - pdf 38.50 Kb
    Ms Lorraine Long, Founder
  3. pdf Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council - pdf 37.20 Kb
    Ms Isabell Collins, Director
  4. pdf Royal Women's Hospital - pdf 59.87 Kb
    Ms Elizabeth Kennedy, Corporate Counsel
    Ms Helen Kane, Coordinator, Reproductive Loss Services
  5. pdf Federation of Community Legal Centres and Brimbank Melton Community Legal Centre - pdf 70.00 Kb
    Ms Pauline Spencer, Executive Officer, Federation of Community Legal Centres
    Mr Charandev Singh, Human Rights Advocacy Worker, Federation of Community Legal Centres
    Mr Hugh de Kretser, Principal Community Lawyer, Brimbank Melton Community Legal Centre
  6. pdf  Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine - pdf  110.51 Kb
    Professor Stephen Cordner, Director
    Associate Professor David Wells
    Ms Helen McKelvie, Manager, Medico-Legal Policy and Projects

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Melbourne, 20 September 2005

  1. pdf Springvale Monash Legal Service - pdf 53.13 Kb
    Mr Dave Taylor, Community Development Worker
    Mr Mark Cannon, student, Monash University
    Ms Pauline Giliberto, student, Monash University
    Mr Brendan Hodgson, student, Monash University
  2. pdf Mr Aron Gingis - pdf 57.05 Kb
  3. pdf Disability Discrimination Legal Service - pdf 42.57 Kb
    Ms Alyena Mohummadally, Community Legal Education and Volunteer Coordinator
    Ms Sarah Staub, student
  4. pdf South Pacific Foundation, Victoria - pdf 57.23 Kb
    Ms Raina Smith, Chair
    Mr George Hallet, Elder
  5. pdf Law Institute of Victoria - pdf 59.21 Kb
    Mr Bill O'Shea, Council Member
    Mr Andrew Closey, Solicitor, Criminal Law and Litigation Lawyers Section
  6. pdf Health Services Commissioner - pdf 63.81 Kb
    Ms Beth Wilson
  7. pdf Dr Ian Freckelton, Barrister and academic - pdf 69.86 Kb

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Melbourne, 28 November 2005

  1. pdf Bayside Health and The Alfred - pdf 62.02 Kb
    Mr Bill O'Shea, Corporate Counsel, Bayside Health
    Professor Catriona McLean, Director of Anatomical Pathology
  2. pdf Dr Eric Wigglesworth AM, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Monash University Accident Research Centre - pdf 36.91 Kb
  3. pdf Austin Health - pdf 58.45 Kb
    Ms Margaret Way, Director of Strategy, Risk and Clinical Governance
    Dr Andrea Kattula, Medical Leader, Clinical Governance
    Mr Simon Rosalie, Mortuary Scientist, Austin Health
  4. pdf Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine - pdf 109.67 Kb
    Associate Professor David Ranson, Deputy Director
    Dr Noel Woodford, Forensic Pathologist
    Ms Helen McKelvie, Manager, Medico-Legal Policy
  5. pdf Clinical Liaison Service (joint service of the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine and the State Coroner's Office) - pdf 74.79 Kb
    Professor Joseph Ibrahim, Research Manager
    Ms Megan Bohensky, Research Officer
    Associate Professor David Ranson, Director

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Melbourne, 5 December 2005

  1. pdf Victoria Police - pdf 40.32 Kb
    Acting Commander Trevor Carter, Policy and Secretariat Division, Corporate Strategy and Performance Department
    Senior Sergeant Anthony O'Connor, Legal Policy, Corporate Strategy and Performance Department
    Senior Constable Susan Nolan, State Coroner's Assistants' Unit, Coronial Services Centre
  2. pdf Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV) - pdf 33.31 Kb
    Mr Peter Davis, Executive Officer
    Mr Bob MacDonald, Executive Officer
  3. pdf Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (MFB) - pdf 43.21 Kb
    Commander Ian Hunter, Fire Investigation and Analysis Unit
  4. pdf Victorian Bar Council - pdf 52.37 Kb
    Mr Jack Forrest QC
    Mr Ross Nankivell
  5. pdf Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service (VALS) - pdf 45.83 Kb
    Mr Mike Zaccaro, Civil Law Solicitor
    Ms Greta Jubb, Research Officer
  6. pdf Country Fire Authority (CFA) - pdf 32.85 Kb
    Mr Neil Bibby, Chief Executive Officer
  7. pdf Mental Health Legal Centre - pdf 47.05 Kb
    Ms Vivienne Topp, lawyer
  8. pdf Dr Shelley Robertson - pdf 43.33 Kb
  9. pdf Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages and Department for Victorian Communities - pdf 65.70 Kb
    Ms Helen Trihas, Registrar, Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
    Ms Prue Digby, Executive Director, Local Government Victoria and Community Information Division, Department for Victorian Communities

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