Inquiry into the Review of the Coroner's Act 1985

Terms of Reference

Referred by the Governor in Council on 7 December 2004.

To inquire into and report to Parliament on the effectiveness of the Coroners Act 1985 (the Act) and to consider whether the Act (excluding Part 9) provides an appropriate legislative framework for:

  1. the independent investigation of deaths and fires in Victoria;
  2. the making of recommendations to:
    1. prevent deaths and fires in Victoria; and
    2. improve the safety of Victorians; and
  3. the provision of support for the families, friends and others associated with a deceased person who is the subject of a coronial inquiry.

In particular, the Committee is required to recommend any areas where the Act should be amended or modernised to better meet the needs of the Community.

In making its inquiry the Committee should examine equivalent legislation and its operation in other jurisdictions.

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