Inquiry into Warrant Powers and Procedures

Hearings and Transcripts

The Committee may invite witnesses to a public hearing, to make representations directly to the members of the Committee and to answer questions put by the Committee. This allows the Committee to follow up points of interest and concern and often lets people who have made a submission amplify points and give additional information.

Public hearings are recorded and a transcript of evidence prepared, to ensure that the Committee has an accurate record of proceedings.

Following is the program of public hearings and the transcripts of evidence given for the Inquiry into Warrant Powers and Procedures:




Transcripts of evidence

Sydney, 31 August 2004

  1. pdf Legal Aid Commission, New South Wales - pdf 140.66 Kb
    Mr T. Lynch, Senior Solicitor
  2. pdf Shopfront Youth Legal Centre - pdf 138.58 Kb
    Ms J. Sanders, Solicitor
  3. pdf Public Defenders Office, New South Wales - pdf 136.44 Kb
    Mr R. Hulme, Deputy Senior Public Defender
    Mr R. Button, Public Defender

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Sydney, 1 September 2004

  1. pdf Attorney General's Department, New South Wales - pdf 177.63 Kb
    Mr D. Noll, Principal Policy Officer, Criminal Law Review Division
  2. pdf New South Wales Council for Civil Liberties - pdf 120.60 Kb
    Ms P. Wright, Vice-President

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Perth, 2 September 2004

  1. pdf Office of the Public Advocate, Western Australia - pdf 129.77 Kb
    Ms M. Scott, Public Advocate
    Ms G. Lawson, Deputy Public Advocate
  2. pdf Department of Justice, Western Australia - pdf 170.79 Kb
    Mr J. Calleja, Director, Court Support Services
    Mr P. Mitchell, Sherrif
    Mr G. Ferguson, Executive Officer, Supreme Court of Western Australia
    Mr D. McCormack, Manager, Sentence Information Unit
    Mr A. McKeown, Manager, Justice of the Peace Branch
    Mr J. Klarich, Director, Magistrates Courts and Tribunals
  3. pdf Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia - pdf 128.64 Kb
    Mr M. Cuomo, Legal Director
  4. pdf Corruption and Crime Commission of Western Australia - pdf 131.29 Kb
    Mr K. Hammond, Commissioner
    Mr M. Cashman, Director, Legal Services
  5. pdf Legal Aid Commission of Western Australia - pdf 118.13 Kb
    Mr D. McKenzie

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Perth, 3 September 2004

  1. pdf Magistrates' Court of Western Australia - pdf 146.17 Kb
    Mr S. Heath, Chief Magistrate

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Melbourne, 19 October 2004

  1. pdf Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service - pdf 115.97 Kb
    Ms G. Jubb, Research Officer
  2. pdf Criminal Bar Association of Victoria - pdf 148.12 Kb
    Mr S. Shirrefs SC, Vice-Chair
  3. pdf Office of the Victorian Privacy Commissioner - pdf  bytes
    Mr P. Chadwick, Privacy Commissioner
    Ms M. Fisher, Manager, Policy
  4. pdf Liberty Victoria - pdf 121.92 Kb
    Mr B. Walters SC, Commissioner
    Ms K. Richter, Assistant to the Commissioner
  5. pdf Victoria Legal Aid - pdf 133.04 Kb
    Mr M. Wighton, Manager, Regional Offices Division
    Ms L. Prain, Senior Policy and Research Officer
  6. pdf Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council and Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria - pdf 110.87 Kb
    Ms I. Collins, Director, Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council
    Ms E. Crowther, Chief Executive, Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria

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Melbourne, 20 October 2004

  1. pdf Victoria Police - pdf 153.18 Kb
    Acting Superintendent S. Leane, Manager, Legal and Corporate Policy, Organisation Development Department
    Acting Inspector T. O'Connor, Legal Policy, Legal and Corporate Policy, Organisation Development Department
    Ms P. Maroulis, Solicitor, Senior Legal Policy Officer
    Mr N. Jepson, Solicitor, Major Fraud Investigation Division
  2. pdf Western Suburbs Legal Service - pdf 106.54 Kb
    Mr G. Moase
  3. pdf Public Interest Law Clearing House (PILCH) Homeless Persons Legal Clinic - pdf 144.31 Kb
    Mr P. Lynch, Coordinator
    Ms G. Hedges
    Ms A. O'Connell
  4. pdf West Heidelberg Community Legal Centre - pdf 151.85 Kb
    Mr G. Sullivan, Principal Solicitor
  5. pdf Police Association - pdf 98.78 Kb
    Mr G. Davies, Manager, Discipline and Legal
  6. pdf Magistrates' Court of Victoria - pdf 188.20 Kb
    Ms J. Bowles, Magistrate
    Ms L. Hannan, Magistrate
  7. pdf Law Institute of Victoria - pdf 111.48 Kb
    Mr R. White, Chair, Litigation Section
    Ms J. Richmond, Research Officer

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Melbourne, 5 November 2004

  1. pdf Dr S. Tudor, Lecturer, La Trobe University - pdf 126.38 Kb
  2. pdf Fitzroy Legal Service - pdf 99.02 Kb
    Mr W. Crawford, Drug Outreach Lawyer
  3. pdf Ombudsman Victoria - pdf 123.13 Kb
    Mr B. Hardiman, Deputy Ombudsman
  4. pdf Department of Justice, Victoria - pdf 148.10 Kb
    Ms J. Griffith, Executive Director, Community Operations and Strategy
    Mr A. Crawshaw, Senior Legal Policy Officer, Enforcement Management Unit
    Mr R. Cahir, Regional Operations Manager
  5. pdf Mr D. Palmer, Lecturer, Researcher on Criminology, Police Studies, Deakin University - pdf 109.96 Kb
  6. pdf Springvale Community Aid and Advice Bureau - pdf 87.57 Kb
    Mr J. Chol, African Settlement Worker

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Melbourne, 28 January 2005

  1. pdf Springvale Monash Legal Service - pdf 175.96 Kb
    Mr D. Taylor, Community Development Officer
    Ms F. Calvert
    Mr D. Vukovic
    Mr D. Kaufmann
    Mrs M. Kaufmann

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