Inquiry into Administration of Justice Offences

Hearings and Transripts







Sydney - 11 November 2003

  1. pdf Law Society of New South Wales 74.78 Kb
    Ms J. Shouldice, Member, Criminal Law Committee
  2. pdf Legal Aid New South Wales 70.42 Kb
    Mr B. Sandiland, Director, Criminal Law
    Mr L. Fernandez

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Sydney - 12 November 2003

  1. pdf New South Wales Attorney General's Department 70.56 Kb
    Mr M. Marien S.C., Director, Criminal Law Review Division
  2. pdf Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions 110.58 Kb
    Mr G. Smith, Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions
    Mr S. Kavanagh, Acting Deputy Solicitor for Public Prosecutions (Legal)
  3. pdf New South Wales Council for Civil Liberties 50.70 Kb
    Mr C. Murphy, President
    Ms P. Wright, Vice President

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Brisbane - 13 November 2003

  1. pdf Director of Public Prosecutions, Queensland 79.68 Kb
    Ms L. Clare
  2. pdf Bar Association of Queensland 90.99 Kb
    Mr A. Glynn S.C.
    Mr M. Byrne Q.C.
    Mr R. Devlin
    Mr D. O'Connor, Chief Executive
  3. pdf Legal Aid Queensland 76.81 Kb
    Mr D. Holliday, Senior Solicitor Crime
    Mr H. Posner, Senior Solicitor Crime

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Melbourne - 24 November 2003

  1. pdf Victoria Legal Aid 65.46 Kb
    Mr Victor Stojcevski
  2. pdf Victorian Bar 65.44 Kb
    Dr David Neal
  3. pdf Director of Public Prosecutions 61.66 Kb
    Mr Paul Coghlan
  4. pdf Criminal Bar Association 72.08 Kb
    Mr Peter Morrissey
  5. pdf Mr Benjamin Lindner, Barrister 72.62 Kb

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