Inquiry into Forensic Sampling and DNA Databases in Criminal Investigations

Hearings and Transcripts

Public hearings for this inquiry were held on:


Transcripts of evidence

Melbourne - 22 July 2002

  1. pdf Victoria Police 85.52 Kb
    Commander P. Hornbuckle, Corporate Policy
    Acting Inspector A. O’Connor, Legislative Review and Proposals
    Detective Inspector D. Cowlishaw, DNA Implementation Unit
  2. pdf Dr J. Gans, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Melbourne 58.83 Kb
  3. pdf New South Wales Ministry for Police 33.23 Kb
    Mr D. Hoenig, Executive Officer, New South Wales Innocence Panel, and Senior Policy Analyst
  4. pdf Griffith University Innocence Project 30.19 Kb
    Ms L. Weathered, Director
  5. pdf Innocence Project, University of Technology Sydney 31.63 Kb
    Ms K. Edwards, Co-ordinator,
  6. pdf Office of the Victorian Privacy Commissioner 49.81 Kb
    Mr P. Chadwick
  7. pdf Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine 25.58 Kb
    Associate Prof. D. Wells, Head, Division of Clinical Medicine
  8. pdf YouthLaw 38.61 Kb
    Ms A. Radonic, Case Worker
    Ms S. Nicholson, Director
  9. pdf Criminal Bar Association of Victoria 28.41 Kb
    Mr R. Punshon, SC, Chair
    Mr R. Nankivell, Member
  10. pdf Law Institute of Victoria 29.36 Kb
    Mr D. Laschko
    Ms A. Palk, Assistant
    Mr D. Faram, President

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Melbourne - 23 July 2002

  1. pdf Victoria Forensic Science Centre 86.52 Kb
    Mr J. Scheffer
    Dr P. Stringer, Biology Division
  2. pdf Crime Victims Support Association 38.01 Kb
    Mr N. McNamara
    Mr N. Halvagas
    Mr J. Magill, private citizen
  3. pdf National Association of Testing Authorities 31.26 Kb
    Ms M. Parsell, Manager, Forensic Science Laboratory Accreditation Program
  4. pdf Office of Public Prosecutions 43.64 Kb
    Mr P. Coghlan, QC, Director of Public Prosecutions
    Ms R. Sharp, Solicitor
  5. pdf Victoria Legal Aid 36.91 Kb
    Mr V. Stojcevski
    Mr J. McLoughlin
  6. pdf Jesuit Social Services 22.05 Kb
    Father P. Norden, Director
  7. pdf Public Interest Law Clearing House 31.41 Kb
    Ms E. Hunt, Co-Executive Director
  8. pdf Mr D. Meagher, Lecturer in Law, Deakin University 33.68 Kb
  9. pdf Victorian Council for Civil Liberties (Liberty Victoria) 34.09 Kb
    Mr G. Connellan, Vice-President

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Melbourne - 2 June 2003

  1. pdf Victoria Police 193.32 Kb
    Acting Commander I. Thomas, Intelligence and Covert Support Department, Specialist Operations
    Acting Detective Superintendent D. Cowlishaw, State Intelligence Division
    Senior Sergeant A. O’Connor, Legal Corporate Policy
    Assistant Commissioner N. Ashby
    Acting Assistant Commissioner P. Evans
    Mr J. Wallace, Acting Director
    Mr J. Scheffer, Assistant Director, Biology, Victoria Forensic Science Centre
  2. pdf Dr J. Gans, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Melbourne 94.18 Kb
  3. pdf Crime Victims Support Association 57.55 Kb
    Mr N. McNamara
  4. pdf Melbourne Magistrates Court 84.28 Kb
    Ms L. Hannan, Supervising Magistrate, Criminal Jurisdiction
  5. pdf Victoria Legal Aid 68.57 Kb
    Mr V. Stojcevski, Senior Policy and Research Officer
    Mr J. McLoughlin, Criminal Lawyer

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