Inquiry into Forensic Sampling and DNA Databases in Criminal Investigations

Submissions and Expert Papers


The following submissions were received:

pdf Mr Alastair Ross, Director - National Institute of Forensic Science 101.95 Kb

pdf Criminal Bar Association of Victoria 31.70 Kb

pdf Microbiological Diagnostic Unit, Public Health Laboratory, Melbourne University 14.66 Kb

pdf Dr. Jeremy Gans, Senior Lecturer - Faculty of Law, University of Melbourne 99.41 Kb

pdf Michael Strutt 56.43 Kb
pdf Michael Strutt - Supplementary Submission 107.37 Kb
pdf MIchael Strutt - JA Submission 139.09 Kb
pdf Michael Strutt - Legally Scientific 92.28 Kb

pdf Law Institute of Victoria 221.93 Kb

pdf National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) 19.61 Kb
pdf National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) Supplementary submission 13.16 Kb

pdf Ombudsman of Victoria 9.26 Kb

pdf Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, University of Melbourne 16.52 Kb

pdf Victoria Forensic Science Centre (VFSC) 64.71 Kb

pdf Victoria Legal Aid 25.31 Kb

pdf Victoria Police 43.51 Kb

pdf Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine 16.66 Kb

pdf Victorian Privacy Commissioner 273.47 Kb

pdf Whatman Asia Pacific 11.82 Kb
pdf Whatman Asia Pacific - Attachment 1 50.27 Kb

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Expert papers

pdf Prof. Ian Freckelton - DNA Profiling: Collection, Use and Effectiveness: an Issues Paper 170.74 Kb

pdf Dr Greg Gardiner - DNA Forensic Procedures: Potential Impacts on Victoria's Indigenous community 227.84 Kb

pdf Dr Peta Stringer, Victorian Forensic Science Centre - Forensic Sampling and DNA Databases: background / issues paper 1.21 Mb

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Last Updated on Monday, 01 August 2011