Inquiry into Oaths and Affirmations with Reference to the Multicultural Community

Hearings and Transcripts

Public hearings were held in Melbourne on 1 August 2002 and 2 August 2002. Transcripts of evidence can be downloaded in .pdf format.

Melbourne, 1 August 2002

  1. pdf Melbourne Magistrates Court 65.50 Kb
    Mr P. Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer
  2. pdf Religious Society of Friends 59.81 Kb
    Mrs B. Polzin, Yearly Meeting Secretary
  3. pdf Victorian Council of Churches 54.50 Kb
    Ms M. Postma, General Secretary
  4. pdf Environment Protection Authority 62.45 Kb
    Mr M. Hodder, Manager, Special Prosecutions Unit
  5. pdf Humanist Society 48.32 Kb
    Ms R. Ives, President
    Mr R. Dahlitz, Organiser of Speakers
  6. pdf Dr K. Laster, Associate Professor, La Trobe University 89.66 Kb
  7. pdf Islamic Council of Victoria 75.62 Kb
    Mr G. Laher, Legal Adviser
    Mr P. Knight, Executive Officer
  8. pdf Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal 90.68 Kb
    Justice M. Kellam, President
    Mr J. Ardlie, Chief Executive Officer
    Mr G. Small, Tipstaff
  9. pdf Supreme Court of Victoria 60.45 Kb
    Mr J. Saltalmacchia, Prothonotary
    Ms S. Loo, Judge's Associate
    Mr T. Peters, Senior Tipstaff
  10. pdf Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria 74.93 Kb
    Mr V. Borg, former Chairman
    Ms J. Klepner, Policy Officer
    Mr T. Hazou, Executive Officer
  11. pdf Mr R. Lloyd 41.32 Kb

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Melbourne, 2 August 2002

  1. pdf Family Court of Australia 74.01 Kb
    Justice N. Mushin
  2. pdf Buddhist Council of Victoria 64.22 Kb
    Mr B. Ashen, Chair
    Venerable T.P. Tan, Member, Management Committee
    Ms D. Cousens, Melbourne Sakya Centre, Member, Management Committee
  3. pdf Australian Multicultural Foundation 71.04 Kb
    Mr H. Dellal, Executive Director
  4. pdf Equal Opportunity Commission Victoria 56.91 Kb
    Ms D. Sisely, Chief Executive
  5. pdf Department of Justice 63.31 Kb
    Mr J. Kakos, Registrar, Justices of the Peace and Bail Justices Registry
  6. pdf Royal Victorian Association of Honorary Justices 67.31 Kb
    Mr L. Taig, JP, President
    Mr K. Frampton, JP, Immediate Past President
  7. pdf Victorian Multicultural Commission 67.29 Kb
    Mr G. Lekakis, Chairperson

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