Inquiry into the Powers of Entry, Search, Seizure and Questioning by Authorised Persons

Hearings and Transcripts

The Committee may invite witnesses to a public hearing, to make representations directly to the members of the Committee and to answer questions put by the Committee. This allows the Committee to follow up points of interest and concern and often lets people who have made a submission amplify points and give additional information.

Public hearings are recorded and a transcript of evidence prepared, to ensure that the Committee has an accurate record of proceedings.

Public hearings for this inquiry were held on:

Transcripts from the hearings are available for download in pdf format.

12 December 2001

  1. pdf Department of Human Services 68.09 Kb
    Dr K. Lamb, Director, Family and Community Support Branch, Community Care Division
    Dr J. Carnie, Director, Disease Control and Research
    Ms J. Bowman, Manager, Environmental Health Unit
    Ms D. Foy, Acting Assistant Director, Legal Services
    Ms L. Akenson, Acting Senior Legal Officer, Legal Services
    Ms W. Tabor, Legal Officer, Legal Services
  2. pdf Dr B. Perry, Ombudsman 66.71 Kb
  3. pdf Department of Justice 75.14 Kb
    Mr P. L’Estrange, Legal Officer, Legislation Branch
    Mr S. Devlin, Manager, Manager Legal Services, Consumer and Business Affairs Victoria
  4. pdf Public Transport Users Association 51.44 Kb
    Ms A. Morton, Vice President
    Mr V. Williams, Secretary
  5. pdf Department of Natural Resources and Environment 57.38 Kb
    Mr R. Warren, Chief Prosecutor, Offence Management Unit
    Mr R. Waters, Manager, Flora and Fauna Compliance and Utilisation
    Mr M. Donaldson, Chief Investigator, Fisheries Victoria
    Ms K. Regan, Manager, Pest Plant and Animal Program
    Mr R. Walters, Senior Catchment Management Officer
  6. pdf Department of Natural Resources and Environment 35.53 Kb
    Dr J. Galvin, Manager, Animal Health Operations
  7. pdf Environment Protection Authority 39.95 Kb
    Dr B. Robinson, Chairman
    Mr M. Payton, Solicitor
    Ms K. Leishman, Senior Adviser, Strategic Coordination
    Ms A. Dawe, Environment Protection Officer
    Ms G. Wettenhall, Environment Protection Officer
  8. pdf State Revenue Office 56.15 Kb
    Mr P. Hiland, Executive Director, Compliance and Policy
  9. pdf Liberty Victoria 60.73 Kb
    Ms F. Hampel

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13 December 2001

  1. pdf Victoria Police 90.78 Kb
    Commander P. Hornbuckle, Corporate Policy and Executive Support
    Inspector S. Leane, Manager, Legislative Review and Proposals Unit
  2. pdf Municipal Association of Victoria and Hume City Council 64.85 Kb
    Mr J. O’Donoghue, Legal Consultant, Municipal Association of Victoria
    Mr M. Diepstraten, Environmental Health Officer, Hume City Council
  3. pdf Department of Infrastructure 63.53 Kb
    Ms G. Sharman, Manager, Legal Services
  4. pdf Office of the Chief Electrical Inspector 39.03 Kb
    Mr A. Driver, General Manager, User Safety
    Mr A. Padanyi, Legal Officer
    Ms C. Wait, Legal Assistant
  5. pdf Pharmacy Board of Victoria 49.62 Kb
    Mr S. Marty, Registrar
    Mr D. Newgreen, Project Pharmacist
  6. pdf Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 44.81 Kb
    Mr R. Hunter, Executive Officer
  7. pdf Office of the Public Advocate and Department of Human Services 48.09 Kb
    Mr J. Gardner, Public Advocate
    Ms L. Glanville, Legal Officer to the Public Advocate
    Mr D. Petherick, Manager, Community Visitors Program, Office of the Public Advocate
    Ms M. Troup, Disability Services, Department of Human Services
  8. pdf Slades and Parsons 58.58 Kb
    Mr D. Holding, Barrister and Solicitor

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21 February 2002

  1. pdf Legal Aid Victoria 44.17 Kb
    Ms C. Randazzo, Senior Public Defender, Criminal Law Division
  2. pdf National Pharmacy Guild 42.52 Kb
    Mr M. Sheehan, Director
    Mr D. Nolte
  3. pdf Ballarat City Council 52.38 Kb
    Mr A. Serrurier, Chief Environmental Health Officer
  4. pdf Victorian Abalone Processors Association 50.20 Kb
    Mr A. Garden, Secretary
    Mr D. Fitzpatrick, Solicitor
    Mr D. Tomkin, Executive Officer
  5. pdf Mr P. Chadwick, Privacy Commissioner 83.53 Kb
  6. pdf Yarra Trams 74.14 Kb
    Mr B. Power, Insurance and Legal Counsel
    Mr P. McKee, Revenue Protection Officer Manager
    Ms K. De Clercq, Public Relations Spokesperson
  7. pdf Consumer Law Centre 52.84 Kb
    Mr C. Field, Executive Director
    Ms C. Lowe, Senior Policy Officer
  8. pdf Trade Measurement Victoria, Liquor Licensing Victoria and Victoria Police 70.91 Kb
    Mr P. Phillip Hatton, Director, Trade Measurement Victoria
    Mr R. Lear, Contracts Manager, Trade Measurement Victoria
    Mr B. Kearney, Director, Liquor Licensing Victoria
    Senior Sergeant P. Eager, Victoria Police
  9. pdf Victorian Workcover Authority 61.70 Kb
    Mr B. Mountford, Chief Executive
    Mr E. Windholz, General Counsel
    Ms D. Preston, Compliance Branch Manager
    Ms S. Lagos, Director of Legal Services and Investigations

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22 February 2002

  1. pdf Victorian Casino and Gaming Authority 62.73 Kb
    Mr B. Forrest, Chairman
  2. pdf Criminal Bar Association 77.41 Kb
    Mr S. Shirrefs, Barrister

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