Inquiry into Regulatory Efficiency Legislation

Terms of Reference

The Law Reform Committee of Parliament is requested to inquire into, consider, and report to Parliament on the most appropriate manner in which to frame Regulatory Efficiency Legislation as a means to reduce the burden of regulatory compliance on business, while ensuring that key regulatory objectives continue to be met and that regulatory standards are not compromised.

In particular, the committee is requested to examine:

  1. the nature and effectiveness of similar legislation or legislative proposals in other relevant jurisdictions;
  2. available options within the broad model of Regulatory Efficiency Legislation and advise on their merits and appropriateness in application to the Victorian regulatory environment;
  3. appropriate processes and responsibilities for alternative compliance mechanisms under Regulatory Efficiency Legislation;
  4. the costs for both business and government of the development and application of alternative compliance mechanisms under Regulatory Efficiency Legislation; and
  5. the application of similar models under specific regulatory regimes, e.g. the alternative scheme envisaged to operate within the compliance and enforcement module of the National Road Transport Law.

The Committee is requested to make a final report to Parliament on the above terms of reference by 30 September 1997.

Dated: 28 June 1996
Responsible Minister: LOUISE ASHER, MP Minister for Small Business

Victorian Government Gazette, G 25 , 27 June 1996, p. 1632
Amended Victoria Government Gazette, G13, 3 April 1997, p. 770.

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