Review of the Fences Act 1968

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Amendment to the Fences Act 2014


From the 22 September 2014 the Fences Amendment Act 2014 will come into operation.

The Act includes amendments to the Fences Act 1968. For information on these reforms please visit the Dispute Settlement Centre Victoria website by clicking here.


Review of the Fences Act 1968


"The first review of the Fences Act in thirty years".

The Law Reform Committee received terms of reference to conduct a Review of the Fences Act 1968 on 23 September 1997.

The Committee tabled its final report in Parliament on 11 November 1998. The report is pdf available for download as a pdf file 594.44 Kb. Other documents released by the Committee are also available for download from the Reports tab.



PLEASE NOTE: The Committee is not able to provide advice about fences. If you are unable to find an answer to your question in the Fencing QuickGuide, please do not contact the Committee as we will be unable to assist you. We suggest that you contact the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria, a community legal centre or a solicitor.

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