Inquiry into Local Economic Development in Outer Suburban Melbourne

Terms of Reference

Received from the Legislative Assembly on 1 March 2007.

To inquire, consider and report to Parliament on issues relating to strengthening communities through local economic development initiatives in outer suburban areas. In particular the Committee is requested to:

  1. Examine existing local economic development programs being carried out by municipalities in outer suburban areas;
  2. Identify the barriers to local economic dvelopment and the ways in which these can be addressed;
  3. Investigate and recommend incentive arrangements for industry and the respective responsibilities of each tier of government;
  4. Investigate the role of council local economic development units and the types of assistance they provide;
  5. Examine and report on ways in which councils and government at all levels can encourage economic development, enhance and promote employment opportunities and attract new investment;
  6. Identify export based operations and opportunities in outer suburban areas and recommend options to encourage their growth;
  7. Identify new and emerging sectors and how they can assist economic development in outer suburban areas, including innovative examples of business incubators, home-based businesses and social enterprises.

The Committee is to make its final report to Parliament by 30 September 2008.


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