Inquiry into Driver Distraction

Terms of Reference

Inquiry into Driver Distraction

The Governor in Council, under Section 33 of the Parliamentary Committees Act 2003, has referred an inquiry into Driver Distraction to the Road Safety Committee.

The Committee is required to inquire, consider and make recommendations on the role of driver distraction in causing crashes and, in particular, to report on to Parliament on:

1. the prevalence of mobile telephone use by drivers and its impact on crash causes;

2. the prevalence of in-car video devices, their effect on drivers and impact on crash causes;

3. the types of other devices and activities, both inside and outside the vehicle, that may distract a driver's attention from the driving task and lead to unsafe driving;

4. the suitability and enforceability of existing laws concerning the use of mobile telephones and other electronic devices by drivers; and

5. the possible need for change to legislation or statutory requirements to implement any recommendations made as a result of the inquiry.

In conducting its inquiry, the Committee is requested to seek information from the manufacturers and distributors of mobile telephones and other electronic devices with in-car applications, research organisations, Government and non-Government agencies, motoring organisations and the community.

In particular, the measures adopted to address the issue of driver distraction in other jurisdictions and countries should be examined.

The Committee is required to report to Parliament by 30 June 2006.