Inquiry into the Sustainability and Operational Challenges of Victoria's Rural and Regional Councils

Hearings and Transcripts

Regional hearings will be held in the following locations:

Friday 10 November 2017

The Colac Bowling Club - Corner Moore and Armstrong Street, Colac

 Time  Witness  Transcripts
 9.30 am

Colac Otway Shire Council
Robert Dobrzynski, Acting Chief Executive Officer
Cr Chris Potter, Mayor

Surf Coast Shire Council
Ransce Salan, General Manager Environment and Development

Corangamite Shire Council
David Rae, Director Corporate and Community Services

pdfColac Otway Shire Presentation(PDF 175.95 KB)

 pdfColac Otway Shire Council Surf Coast Shire Council and Corangamite Shire Council(PDF 191.87 KB)

11.15 am Leigh Barrett

pdfLeigh Barrett Presentation(PDF 169.58 KB)

pdfLeigh Barrett(PDF 121.18 KB)

11.45 am

Frank Deutsch


pdfFrank Deutsch(PDF 120.38 KB)
12.15pm Otway Forum
Pete Fillmore, Secretary

pdfOtway Forum(PDF 127.39 KB)


Wednesday 25 October 2017
Bendigo Town Hall - Reception Room, 189 193 Hargreaves Street, Bendigo

 Time Witness Transcripts
 10.30 am  Greater Bendigo City Council
 Craig Niemann, Chief Executive Officer
 Cr Rod Fyffe, Deputy Mayor

 pdfCity of Greater Bendigo(PDF 148.79 KB)
 11.15 am

 Lexton Landcare Group
 David Clark, Network Coordinator

Upper Mount Emu Creek Landcare
Joel Owin, Network facilitator

 pdfLexton Landcare Group & Upper Mount Emu Creek Landcare(PDF 132.97 KB)
11.45 am Sue Lafferty, Member of Residents of Retirement Villages Victoria Working Party for Rates Justice
Trish Elliott, Residents of Retirement Villages Victoria  Liaison Officer for Rates Justice Campaign, Bendigo Retirement Village

 pdfSue Lafferty & Trish Elliott(PDF 148.80 KB)


Tuesday 24 October 2017
Greater Shepparton City Council - Boardroom, 90 Welsford Street, Shepparton

 Time Witness Transcripts
 9.00 am  Hume Region Local Government Network
 Tony McIlroy

 pdfHume Region Local Government Network(PDF 127.35 KB)
 9.30 am  Better Local Government Association
 Gordon Hamilton, President

 pdfBetter Local Government Association(PDF 140.32 KB)
10.00 am  Greater Shepparton City Council
 Greg McKenzie, Manager Environment
 Geraldine Christou, Acting Director Sustainability Development

 pdfGreater Shepparton City Council(PDF 124.00 KB)


Friday 13 October 2017
Kerang Memorial Hall
, Nolan Street, Kerang

Time Witness Transcript
9.00 am Gannawarra Shire Council
Tom O'Reilly, Director Corporate Services

pdfGannawarra Shire Council(PDF 141.07 KB)
9.30 am Kerang Progress Association 
Kelvin Burt, President 
Irene Ayres, Vice President

pdfKerang Progress Association (PDF 133.84 KB)
10.00 am Colin Fenton

pdfColin Fenton(PDF 121.59 KB)


Thursday 12 October 2017

Buloke Shire Council Hall, 367 Broadway, Wycheproof

 Time  Witness  Transcript
10.00 am Donald 2000
John McConville, Chairperson
Trevor Campbell, Committee Member
Graham Harris, Committee Member

pdfDonald 2000(PDF 131.22 KB)
10.20 am Wycheproof VISION
Tracy Parella, President
Ian Milburn, Member

pdfWycheproof VISION(PDF 123.50 KB) 
10.45 am Berriwillock Community Development Group
Garry Summerhayes, President

 pdfBerriwillock Community Development Group(PDF 127.78 KB)
11.10 am Watchem Progress Association
Graeme Milne, President
Jim Petrie, Vice President
Justin DeCaprio, Committee Member / President of Mens Shed
Ian Roberts, Member

 pdfWatchem Progress Association(PDF 124.46 KB)
12.00 pm Buloke Shire Council
Rural Living Group of Councils
Lucy Roffey, Chief Executive Officer
David Pollard, Mayor

pdfBuloke Shire Council(PDF 200.80 KB)

Monday 9 October 2017

 The Century Inn - Grand Promanade - Room B
 5 Airfield Drive (Corner Princess Highway), Traralgon

 Time Witness Transcripts
12.00 pm

Latrobe City Council
Gregory Drumm, General Manager Corporate Services
Matthew Rogers, Manager Finance

Wellington Shire Council
David Morcom, Chief Executive Officer

Baw Baw Shire Council
Malcolm Lewis, Chief Financial Officer

pdfLatrobe City, Wellington and Baw Baw Council(PDF 212.64 KB)

pdfWellington Shire Council Presentation(PDF 200.65 KB)

 pdfBaw Baw Shire Council Presentation(PDF 1.09 MB)

2.15 pm Churchill and District Community Association
Margaret Guthrie, Vice President

pdfChurchill and District Community Association(PDF 126.02 KB)
2.45 pm Latrobe City Farm Ratepayers Association
Graeme O'Hara, President
Bill Cawcatt, Vice Preseident

pdfLatrobe City Farm Ratepayers Association(PDF 105.95 KB)
3.15 pm Cheryl Wragg
Peter Gibbons

pdfCheryl Wragg and Peter Gibbons(PDF 129.28 KB)
4.00 pm

Traralgon Community Development Association
Suzanne Pinchen, Secretary
Bronwyn Kerr, Vice President

Traralgon Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Joanne Campbell, Member

pdfTraralgon Community Development Association(PDF 133.89 KB)
4.30 pm Rosedale Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Coola Nassiokas, Secretary

pdfRosedale Chamber of Commerce and Industry(PDF 100.65 KB)


Tuesday 12 September 2017
Meeting Room G3, 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

 Time Witness Transcripts
10.00 am Peri Urban Group of Rural Councils
Cr David Edwards, Chair
Paula Lawrence, Executive Officer

pdfPeri Urban Group of Rural Councils(PDF 129.53 KB)
10.45 am VicWater
Tony White, Chief Executive Officer

pdfVicWater(PDF 131.73 KB) 
11.30 am State Emergency Service
Kate White, Director Community Resilience and Communications

pdfState Emergency Service(PDF 126.45 KB)
1.15 pm University of Technology Sydney, Centre for Local Government
Professor Roberta Ryan

pdfUniversity of Technology Sydney Centre for Local Government(PDF 168.57 KB)

pdfPresentation(PDF 525.74 KB)
pdfSupplementary Evidence 1(PDF 518.49 KB)
pdfSupplementary Evidence 2(PDF 110.58 KB)
pdfSupplementary Evidence 3(PDF 10.33 MB)
pdfSupplementary Evidence 4(PDF 1.12 MB)

2.00 pm Residents of Retirement Villages
Lawrie Robertson

pdfResidents of Retirement Villages Victoria(PDF 128.00 KB) 
2.45 pm Chris Sharkey

pdfChris Sharkey(PDF 148.28 KB)


Tuesday 15 August 2017
Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House, Spring Street, East Melbourne

Time Witness Transcript
10.00 am Local Government Victoria
Dr Graeme Emonson, Executive Director
Mark Grant, Director, Sector Performance and Development

pdfLocal Government Victoria(PDF 179.60 KB)

pdfLocal Government Victoria Presentation(PDF 556.09 KB)

10.45 am Municipal Association of Victoria
Rob Spence, Chief Executive Officer
Owen Harvey-Beavis, Manager Research and Strategy

pdfMunicipal Association of Victoria(PDF 181.58 KB)
11.45 am Australian Services Union
Tony White, Special Projects Officer

pdfAustralian Services Union Presentation(PDF 250.17 KB)
pdfAustralian Services Union(PDF 189.94 KB)

12.30 pm Victorian Local Governance Association
Kathryn Arndt, Chief Executive Officer
Bo Li, Senior Policy Adviser

pdfVictorian Local Governance Association(PDF 172.80 KB)
2.15 pm Victorian Farmers Federation
David Jochinke, President

pdfVictorian Farmers Federation(PDF 186.31 KB)
3.00 pm

Ratepayers Victoria
Frank Sullivan, Vice President
Dr Alan Nelsen, Treasurer

pdfRatepayers Victoria(PDF 164.43 KB)




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