Strengthening Victoria’s Key Anti-corruption Agencies?

The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission Committee (IBACC) has been examining issues and concerns relating to the legislative framework of Victorian anti-corruption agencies and how these agencies could be improved.

In December 2015, the Victorian Government introduced the Integrity and Accountability Legislation Amendment (A Stronger System) Bill 2015 (Vic) into Parliament. The bill proposes a number of changes to respond to issues which have been raised about the operation of the Victorian integrity system.

The Committee has reviewed whether the proposed legislation addresses concerns which have been raised about the operation of IBAC and the VI and if there are issues which require further attention.

The Committee has now completed its investigation and has tabled its report ‘Strengthening Victoria’s Key Anti corruption Agencies?’ in Parliament on 10 February 2016.

You can download a copy from the report and response page.

For more information, contact the committee staff.