The Performance of the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission and the Victorian Inspectorate, 2015/16

Under the Parliamentary Committees Act 2003 (Vic), the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission Committee (the Committee) is required to ‘monitor and review the performance of the duties and functions’ of IBAC and the Victorian Inspectorate (VI) and examine their reports. Exercising this function, the Committee decided to examine IBAC’s Annual Report 2015/2016. It also decided to examine, with respect to IBAC, the VI’s 2015/16 Annual Report.

In undertaking this work, the Committee reviewed the annual reports and sought and examined written responses to questions regarding the reports from the IBAC Commissioner, Mr Stephen O’Bryan QC, and the Inspector, Mr Robin Brett QC. The Committee also heard evidence from the IBAC Commissioner and senior staff regarding the IBAC Annual Report in a closed hearing on 24 October 2016. In addition, the Committee has read a number of key reports and other material referred to in the IBAC and VI annual reports for 2015/16.