Address-in-Reply presented to Governor

Governor receives address in reply

The Governor of Victoria has received the Address-in-Reply from both houses of the Victorian Parliament.

In separate ceremonies held at Government House, the Address-in-Reply from the Legislative Assembly was presented by Speaker Telmo Languiller and from the Legislative Council by President Bruce Atkinson.

Speaker presents address in reply

Speaker of the Legislative Assembly presented the Address-in-Reply to the Governor

The Address-in-Reply thanks the Governor for his speech at the opening of the 58th Parliament, held on 23 December 2014. The speech outlined the government’s legislative and policy program for the new parliament.

Members from both houses spoke in response to the Governor’s speech during parliamentary debates from February to May. This included inaugural speeches from newly elected members.

The Presiding Officers were accompanied to the Government House ceremonies by a number of members and senior parliamentary officials, in accordance with parliamentary tradition.

MPs with Governor

Several members of the Legislative Assembly attended the ceremony at Government House

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