Strong interest in end of life choices inquiry

Endoflifechoices inquiry

More than 100 submissions have been received so far for the Victorian parliamentary inquiry into end of life choices.

The inquiry is being conducted by the Legal and Social Issues Committee, which has invited submissions addressing the terms of reference by 31 July 2015.

“It’s pleasing to see that people across Victoria are taking the opportunity to have their say on an issue that affects everyone,” said Committee Chair Edward O’Donohue.

“With submissions due by the end of July, the Committee is grateful that we have already had such a high response rate from the community,” he said.

“It shows the level of community interest in these issues.”

"The Committee is planning to hold public hearings in Melbourne and regional Victoria from July,” Mr O’Donohue noted.

A video interview with the Committee Chair about the inquiry is available from the Victorian Parliament’s YouTube Channel.

Submissions are available to view on the Committee’s website and more will be posted as they are processed.

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