Parliamentary Library Fellowship

Parlimentary LibraryThe Victorian Parliamentary Library Fellowship has been in operation since 2007. The Fellowship provides academics, scholars, PhD students and post-doctoral candidates with an opportunity to engage in public policy - delivering a research paper and seminar on their research to Members of Parliament. Fellows undertake research based at the Parliamentary Library in Melbourne. The Library will provide access to its historic Library collections, including rare and digital collections, specialist databases, the Parliamentary intranet and other Library facilities. 

This program is open to all scholars, and will be of particular value to those whose research interests are centred on Victorian politics, Victorian history, Victorian parliamentary affairs, parliamentary procedure, Victorian print and broadcast media (through the Library‚Äôs extensive collections), and other subjects related to the Parliament. However, scholars from all discipline areas are welcome to apply. The Fellowship is designed to advance parliamentary and political studies in Victoria, but the area of research is open to each individual fellow to determine. Wide scope exists to undertake research in areas of political science, economics, law, history, social issues, planning, health, transportation, statistics and other areas of relevance. 

The Fellowship is designed to be flexible: prospective fellows may apply to undertake a program of research for a period of 12 months, although shorter research projects will be considered. Preference is for a part-time fellow, rather than full-time, due to restrictions in facilities and accommodation. This is a non-salaried fellowship.

For further details, including information on how to apply, contact Coordinator Research & Inquiries (, Parliamentary Library.

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