The Parliament of Victoria has an extensive system of committees which provide greater public input into issues being considered by Parliament. Committees conduct Inquiries into particular issues referred from the Parliament by calling for input from the wider community, including subject matter experts, individual citizens, business and government organisations.

There are three main types of parliamentary committees in Victoria. These are:

  • Joint Investigatory Committees - appointed each Parliament to investigate issues in particular subject areas, and comprising members of both Houses;
  • Select Committees - dealing with particular investigations, and comprising members of one House or the other; and
  • Domestic Committees - focussing on the operations of the Parliament.

The Joint Investigatory Committees are established under the Parliamentary Committees Act 2003, whereas the other types of committee are established by resolution of either House.

Parliamentary Committees are composed of several members of either or both Houses, and supported by Parliamentary Officers in carrying out their functions.

For more information about Victoria's Parliamentary Committee System, please refer to the Committees section of the website.

You can watch an animated video on How Committees Work