Members and Staff


We will update these lists after the 2018 election results are finalised.

Members of the Legislative Assembly 

Alphabetical interactive list (online)

Alphabetical contacts list (pdf)

Spreadsheet for mail merges etc (excel)

Labels (all members) (pdf)


Alphabetical interactive list (online)

Spreadsheet for mail merges etc (excel)

Labels (pdf)


The Legislative Assembly has 88 members, each representing one district. Members may belong to one of the political parties or may be independent. In the Assembly there are currently members from the Australian Labor Party, the Liberal Party, The Nationals, The Greens and one independent.

To find your electorate and your members, use the find your electorate search.

To see the list of Legislative Council member, go to the Council members page.

To learn more about what members do and how they are elected visit About Parliament.

For details about making disclosures about improper conduct or detrimental action by members of Parliament, see the Protected Diclosure Act 2012 - Procedures for making a disclosure about a member of Parliament.


The Department of the Legislative Assembly has around 55 staff.  For information and contact details go to the staff page.

Committee staff members’ details are available from the committee page.