Paper Petitions

This page includes the rules specific to paper petitions and a template for starting your own paper petition. The general rules for petitions also apply to paper petitions.

Rules specific to paper petitions

The petition must be legible.

If your petition is more than one sheet long, include the issue and action at the top of each page.

Wording pasted to a page of signatories is not allowed.

Signatures must be original and hand written — photocopies and scanned signatures are not allowed.

Do not attach any other documents to your petition (other than a certified translation if the petition is not in English).

Do not include any other information on your petition. Including a name and/or address for the return of the petition is allowed but calls to support for the petition are not permitted.

Back of the petition pages

The back of each page can include more signatures or a return address, but it must not include any other information about your petition. If you include anything else your petition may be invalid, particularly if you include anything political.


Download in Word formatdocx


To the Legislative Assembly of Victoria

The petition of

(insert here the names or descriptions of the petitioner or petitioners, such as residents of Victoria or residents of [name of town, region or electorate in Victoria])

draws to the attention of the House


points out to the House

(insert here the circumstances of the issue)

The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Assembly of Victoria

(insert here the request of the petitioners, showing clearly the nature of the remedy or action requested) 

FULL NAME                                               ADDRESS                                           SIGNATURE





PLEASE NOTE: The names and addresses of people who sign this petition will be made available to the public if the petition is presented in the Legislative Assembly.