Fact Sheets

Note: we are currently updating fact sheets following an update to sessional orders. 

Understanding the Assembly
at Work

A typical sitting day in the Assembly

Terminology used in Parliament

Finding information about Parliament

Government business program

Debates in the Assembly

Types of debate

Question time

Matters of public importance

Personal explanations

Adjournment debate

Bills and Amendments

How a bill becomes law

Tracking legislation on the internet

Understanding a bill

Amendments to bills - a practical guide

Reasoned amendments

Decision making in the Assembly



Speaker's casting vote

Altering Victoria's Constitution

Privilege and Standards

Behaviour in the Chamber

Members' code of conduct

Sub judice convention

Documents in the Assembly

Documents tabled in the Assembly

Questions on notice

Votes and Proceedings

Communicating with the Governor and the Council

Parliament and You

Parliamentary Committees


Your rights if members mention you in debate

Victorian Parliament and Victorian Government — what is the difference?

Who's Who

Roles in the Assembly

The Speaker

The Clerk

The Serjeant-at-Arms

Independent Officers of Parliament


History and Tradition

Victoria's parliamentary history

Opening of Parliament

Why is the Assembly green?

Women in Parliament