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50 Years of Committees Act

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This year marks 50 years since a comprehensive Parliamentary Committtees Act was introduced in Victoria in 1968. Recommendations made by Victorian parliamentary committees have helped to bring about significant reforms. Over the next few months, the Parliament will celebrate the work of Committees through a number of activities.  


Enhancing committee processes

Parliamentary committees make recommendations on ways in which laws and public administration can be improved. But there are also ways in which committee processes could be enhanced? We asked three MPs for their views.



Paying attention to Committees

Parliamentary Committees enable members of Parliament from all sides of politics to work together on issues affecting the community.  We asked three MPs who have worked on some significant public inquiries whether governments and the public service pay enough atttention to the work of committees.


Why Committees matter

With the new parliament underway, we asked some MPs about the work that parliamentary committees undertake through public inquiries and why it matters.

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