Adjournment Debate

The Council has now expired. There will be no further adjournment matters or responses for the 58th Parliament.

Council Standing Order 4.13 requires that a response to an adjournment matter, from a Minister, must be given at the time the matter is raised in the House or provided in writing within 30 days.


Responses provided in writing must be lodged with the Clerk. Before the Daily Adjournment Debate concludes, a Minister advises the Council of any responses provided. A copy of each response is given to the Member who raised the matter and incorporated into Hansard.


There is no further action to be taken after a response has been provided.


To see the status of all adjournment matters raised in the Council during the current Parliament, please see the spreadsheet below. The spreadsheet is updated each morning after a sitting day.


For a list of all outstanding matters, see the Unanswered Adjournment Matters Booklet.


Adjournment Matters Spreadsheet