Department of the Legislative Council

The Department of the Legislative Counci provides quality apolitical, professional, innovative and integrated support services and information to the President, Members of the Legislative Council and other clients, in the interests of Victorians.


Our Business

The business of the Department is to:

• provide procedural advice to Members of the Legislative Council;
• process legislation;
• prepare documentation required for sittings of the Legislative Council;
• prepare records of the proceedings of the Legislative Council;
• provide procedural and policy advice to parliamentary committees;
• provide administrative and research assistance, and produce draft reports for parliamentary committees;
• provide information relating to the proceedings of the Council;
• provide operational support to Members of the Legislative Council;
• promote public awareness of the role, functions and processes of the Legislative Council and the Parliament;
• co-ordinate parliamentary events, functions and special visits; and
• provide a secure, safe and healthy workplace.

Organisation Chart

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LC Organisational Chart 2017 18