Information Sheets

The information sheet series provide detailed information on the practices, procedures and history of the Legislative Council. To view and information sheet, select a topic below.

1. The Legislative Council
2. The President
3. Questions
4. Notice Paper
5. Minutes of the Proceedings
6. Committees
7. The Legislative Council's History
8. Officers of the Legislative Council
9. The Opening of Parliament
10. Bills
11. Divisions
12. Right of Reply
13. Adjournment Debate
14. A Sitting Day in the Legislative Council
15. Regional Sittings
16. A New Electoral System for Victoria 's Legislative Council
17. The Legislative Council's Electoral System 1851-2003
18. Tabling of Reports and Documents
19. Parliamentary Terminology and Customs
20. The Role of a Private Member in the Legislative Council
21. Chamber Architectural Features and Furniture