Inquiry into Strengthening Government and Parliamentary Accountability in Victoria

Government response

Government response

Final Report

Final Report, April 2008

Terms of Reference

To the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee — for inquiry, consideration and report no later than the last sitting day in 2007 on the options for the next phase of strengthening government and parliamentary accountability in Victoria —
and in particular the Committee is required to consider:

  1. Parliamentary Committees;
  2. question time procedure;
  3. standards of parliamentary behaviour;
  4. overseas travel by members of Parliament;
  5. modernisation of Parliament including the permanent abolition of wigs and other archaic practices;
  6. reform of the process of dealing with petitions.

Transcripts of evidence

Hearings were conducted during August 2007 and transcripts are now available.


The Committee has received submissions from the following individuals and organisations. If you require assistance accessing these submissions please phone (03) 8682 2862.
  1. Women's Electoral Lobby, Victoria (PDF 18Kb)
  2. Dr Greg Taylor, Monash University (PDF 19Kb)
  3. Professor Margot Prior AO FASSA, Department of Psychology, University of Melbourne (PDF 10Kb)
  4. Hon. Kevin Rozzoli (PDF 258Kb)
  5. Hon. A.J. Hunt, A.M. (PDF 220Kb)
  6. Peter Vickery QC LL.B (Melb) LL.M (Lond.) (PDF 107Kb)
  7. Catherine and Robert Money (PDF 50Kb)
  8. Associate Professor Ken Coghill PhD, Department of Management, Monash University (PDF 4.55Mb)
  9. Michael Martin and David Crawford (PDF 27Kb)
  10. Dr Race Matthews (PDF 88Kb)
  11. Julia Thornton, Social Science, School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning, RMIT University (PDF 206Kb)
  12. Harry Glasbeck (PDF 362Kb)
  13. Anne Mancini and John Gellie (PDF 46Kb)
  14. Barney Cooney (PDF 20Kb)
  15. Barney Cooney [no. 2] (PDF 35Kb)
  16. Dr Julie Faulkner, Mr Michael Crowhurst and
    Dr Gloria Latham, RMIT University (PDF 82Kb)
  17. International Commission of Jurists, Victoria (PDF 61Kb)
    International Commission of Jurists, Victoria, (PDF 1047Kb)
  18. Graeme Hodge, Faculty of Law, Monash University (PDF 203Kb)
  19. Louis Coutts (PDF 235Kb)
    Louis Coutts (PDF 108Kb)
  20. Marcia Neave AO, Tim Smith and David Harper (PDF 117Kb)
    Marcia Neave AO, Tim Smith and David Harper (PDF 112Kb)
  21. Democratic Audit Australia (PDF 124Kb)
  22. Hon. Kevin Rozzoli (PDF 114Kb)
  23. John Williams MP, Canadian Parliament (PDF 67Kb) (Annex 1 PDF 23Kb)
    (Attachments 1 PDF 17KB, 2 PDF 258Kb, 3 PDF 130Kb, 4 PDF 35Kb, 5 PDF 119Kb, 6 PDF 131Kb)
  24. Ray Purdey, Clerk of the Legislative Assembly (PDF 45Kb)
  25. Wayne Tunnecliffe, Clerk of the Legislative Council (PDF 32Kb)
  26. Liberty Victoria (PDF 153Kb) - Attachment (PDF 81Kb)