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New database — 2018 – current (59th Parliament)

Council questions included in the database

  • Questions on Notice
  • Questions without Notice that require a written response
  • Constituency Questions
  • Adjournment Matters

For questions and answers from previous Parliaments - see the Archive section.

Submitting responses

All answers should be submitted (PDF and Word) to

If you have any queries about submitting a response, get in touch with the Table Office on 9651 8678.

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Questions on Notice

Questions on Notice are written requests for information, asked by Members to Ministers.

Standing Orders 8.09–8.13 outline the procedure for asking and answering Questions on Notice.

Questions submitted by Members are published at the back of the online Notice Paper each sitting day. All questions and answers are published in the Questions database.

Answers are due within 30 days of the question being published. 

Departments may use this template for answers to Questions on Notice.

A list of Council portfolios and portfolios represented by Council Ministers can be found here

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Question Time (Questions without Notice)

Council Standing Order 8.07 requires all answers to questions without notice to be direct, factual, succinct and relevant.

The President may determine an answer is unresponsive and direct the Minister to provide a written response.

Written responses to questions directed to a:

  • Council Minister's portfolio are due within one business day; and
  • Minister representing a Minister from the Assembly within two business days.

Responses are due at least 15 minutes before Question Time if they are due on a sitting day or at 12.00 noon if they are due on a day when the Council is not sitting.

Departments may use this template for answers to Questions without Notice.

All questions (and their responses) are in Hansard. All questions that require a a written response from 2021 are also in the database.

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Constituency Questions

Council Standing Order 8.08 requires answers to Constituency Questions to be provided in writing within 14 days.

Departments may use this template for answers to Constituency Questions.

All Constituency Questions are answers are in the database.

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Adjournment Debate

Council Standing Order 4.13 requires that a response to an Adjournment Matter must be given at the time the matter is raised in the House or provided in writing within 30 days.

Departments may use this template for responses to Adjournment Matters.

All Adjournment matters and their responses are in the database.

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