Questions on Notice No 6236
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 13 October 2021

Question on Notice

Ms Sandell to ask the Minister for Planning — The new Arden Structure Plan designates a large area which according to the map (page 9) may have 'future opportunity for community-based active recreation'.

(1) Has the Government made any decisions about the kinds of sporting and outdoor recreation infrastructure that will go in this space.

(2) Who is the authority responsible for making decisions about the kinds of sporting and outdoor recreation infrastructure which will be included in this space.

(3) Has the Government considered the need for netball infrastructure in the new Arden structure plan given the severe lack of publicly accessible netball infrastructure in the electorate of Melbourne.

Answered: 29 November 2021

As the Member is aware, the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) recently released the final plan for Arden for public comment, including a draft planning scheme amendment to implement the land use and development objectives for the precinct. Over 100 submissions were received.


An objective of the plan is to ensure timely delivery of high-quality, accessible and integrated community infrastructure to meet the needs of existing and future residents, workers and visitors.


Within Arden Central, the new 3.65-hectare integrated stormwater management open space area will provide for community-based active recreation. The appropriate use of this area will be determined through a co-design process and detailed planning following the acquisition of land, in consultation with Melbourne Water to ensure the drainage needs of the precinct are provided for.


The plan is informed by a detailed assessment about community infrastructure needs, including the likely demand for community facilities, existing supply and opportunities to provide new infrastructure. The assessment forms part of the supporting documents that were released for public comment.


The assessment considered the likely demand for netball infrastructure and found that there are adequate existing facilities close to the precinct, including the planned redevelopment of the State Netball and Hockey Centre which will include six new indoor netball courts, and the redevelopment of the Kensington Community Recreation Centre which will provide additional indoor recreation opportunities.


Indoor recreation needs and aquatic facility provision will require further detailed assessment work to be undertaken by Melbourne City Council before an indoor recreation facility provision strategy can be confirmed for the precinct and the neighbouring Macaulay area.


The plan is supported by a precinct infrastructure plan which sets out a comprehensive list of infrastructure items required to support the future community, including libraries, business and innovation facilities, community hubs, arts and culture facilities, sport and recreation upgrades, and education facilities.


I will consider the submissions received by the VPA and if required, any advice from received an independent advisory committee before making a final decision on the plan and changes to the Melbourne Planning Scheme.






Minister for Planning