Questions on Notice No 6237
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 13 October 2021

Question on Notice

Ms Sandell to ask the Minister for Health — (1) Do the vaccination rates rely on population data from 2019.

(2) How is the Government factoring in the loss of population from the City of Melbourne in 2020 and 2021 due to international students returning home, domestic students returning to their family homes, and other residents relocating away from the City of Melbourne during the pandemic, to ensure there is accurate data about the percentage of City of Melbourne residents who have been vaccinated.

(3) Apart from pop-up vaccine hubs at the Town Hall and other cohealth vaccine hubs which have been in place at public housing towers, what is the Government doing to increase vaccination rates across the City of Melbourne.

(4) What additional work is the Government doing to ensure vulnerable populations such as people sleeping rough or experiencing homelessness and those with English as an additional language are able to easily access vaccines, as well as culturally appropriate information about vaccines, in the City of Melbourne where the population is more transient than average and may not have established relationships with healthcare providers.

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