Questions on Notice No 6334
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 1 December 2021

Question on Notice

Mr Rowswell to ask the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change — In relation to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation investigation on alleged systemic illegal logging by VicForests on the border of the Upper Goulburn and Thomson water catchment:

(1) Are VicForests logging on steep slopes of more than 30 degrees.

(2) Did up to 321.8 hectares logged from 2004-2019 have a slope of more than 30 degrees.

(3) Has land with a slope greater than 30 degrees been cleared on Mount Matlock.

(4) Is the Office of the Conservation Regulator (OCR) within the Victorian Department of Land Water and Planning, currently investigating these allegations.

(5) Did the OCR abandon the investigation of a third coupe 'Eddie Would Go' and if so, why.

(6) Will the OCR publicly release details about what it found at 'Eddie Would Go'.

(7) Did VicForests CEO Monique Dawson misrepresent VicForests’ findings that showed only 2 per cent of the logged area in the Upper Goulburn catchment breached the 30-degree rule when assessing the terrain in 10-metre squares compared to 7 per cent of the logged area when assessing the terrain in 1-metre squares.

(8) Will the Minister pursue an independent review into whether the OCR’s investigations were correct rather than whether it conducted its investigation adequately.

(9) Will the Minister pursue further action given an independent review into the OCR’s investigations concluded the OCR did not demonstrate a strong, strategic, preventative and intelligence-led approach.

No answer available